Mini Wireless
Keyboard & Touchpad

Enhance your interactive panel experience.

Take control of your presentation from distances of up to 30 feet. With 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity and a USB adapter, the keyboard allows seamless connect to a variety of devices.

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Clear Touch Mini Wireless Keyboard


Clear Touch®

Take Control of Your Presentation

Multi-Touch Technology
Step Away from the screen

Freedom to move around and interact with your audience while still controlling every detail of your presentation. Change slides, make notes, zoom in, zoom out, and highlight important information—all from up to 30 feet away.

Multi-Touch Technology
Type, Swipe, and Click

Type a note on the screen or search the Internet, the full QWERTY keyboard allows you to enter text without returning to your PC or laptop. Then, with the simple touch of a button, the device converts to a classic touchpad for easier screen navigation and control.

Multi-Touch Technology
Convenient Compatibility

Compatible with all Clear Touch® panels, the Clear Touch® Mini Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad expand the presentation power to a wide range of devices.


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