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We’ve all been in a situation where a well-planned collaboration or brainstorming session turned into an unproductive meeting due to outdated conference room technology. The presenter couldn’t find the right cord to connect to his laptop, so you interrupted your IT team to solve the problem and the first 5 to 10 minutes of your 30 minute meeting went out the window. Or the video call dropped out twice before the meeting really got going, and team members who couldn’t connect with their own devices ended up passing a tablet around in order to share the screen.

If this scenario reminds you of your office—imagine, instead, that your team enters the conference room, connects wirelessly from multiple devices, and gets to work without having to stop to plug in cables or switch inputs. Imagine that the presenter can walk freely around the room while passing control of the screen to colleagues with one touch. That video conference attendees come through in crystal clear Ultra HD instead of looking like they’re transmitting a message from space.

It’s time to stop allowing outdated technology to derail your company’s best ideas and most effective collaboration sessions, especially when investing in new conference room technology is easier and more affordable than ever.

Your Business Needs to Update It’s Conference Room Technology

Of course, there are lots of reasons to put off upgrading your conference room tech: You worry that the change may be expensive or difficult to implement or that the process will be disruptive to your workflow. However, the benefits of updating your conference room, and the cost of doing nothing, are greater than the potential headaches. Here are our top 4 reasons why you need to invest in new conference room technology this year:

Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Other than your lobby or waiting room, your conference room is the place where visitors, clients, and strategic partners are likely to form a first impression of your company. Your conference room lets people both inside and outside of your company know what kind of working environment you value—which is one very good reason to give it a facelift. By creating a less cluttered, more relaxing, easy-to-use, and flexible work environment, you’re better able to represent who you are and what direction you’re going as a business. And that’s before you even begin to wow them with your polished, professional presentation.

Less Stress, Greater Morale.

Studies show that employees and employers alike can find meetings stressful. Which makes sense when you think about it. Meetings are costly in terms of time, so there’s a lot of pressure to get it right and make good things happen within the limited time that you have scheduled. Outdated technology makes normal meeting stress skyrocket and can take a real toll on the morale at your office. In fact, in a recent survey by Barco, 9 in 10 office workers have reported feeling technology-related stress during meetings, with heart rates elevating to 179 bpm when trying to get tech to work during a meeting. In addition, two-thirds of employees have reported taking time out of their work day to address meeting room technology on a regular basis, with screen sharing and finding cables to connect in-room devices being the greatest reported challenges. The overall impact of this stress on employee morale, and wasted work hours, is significant.

Happier Workers are More Productive.

You’d expect lost productivity when team members have to struggle with outdated technology or plan in advance for tech that doesn’t work by preparing handouts and running tech rehearsals. What might surprise you is that outdated conference room technology also steals your team’s productivity in other ways. Most notably, studies have demonstrated that employees who work in a flexible environment with lots of natural light are happier, which leads to greater creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Conversely, team members who are tied down to one spot by outdated, cable-dependent technology or who have to spend hours in dark meeting rooms in order to see the projector screen become less happy and less productive.

Old Tech Gets More Expensive Every Year.

The concept of not throwing good money after bad applies to outdated technology, too. The longer you put off investing in better conference room technology, the more expensive it becomes to maintain your legacy systems and keep your old tech running well. You have to buy new cables, increase memory, and maybe even buy additional software that will still integrate with older conferencing hardware—all while the tech becomes less and less accessible from other devices. Often, by the time you add up everything you spend on maintaining an outdated system year after year, not to mention the lost hours of productivity, you realize you could buy a new conference room presentation system with a strong ROI instead.

Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to upgrade your conference room presentation system. With a new generation of wireless presentation systems on the market, it’s easier than ever to give your conference room an overhaul without ripping out walls, setting up elaborate networks, taking up weeks of your IT department’s time, or spending a fortune.

Clear Touch Interactive® displays, for example, integrate easily with your existing conference room systems, are device and platform agnostic, and support a mixed use environment. Plus, our panels feature out of the box functionality, a familiar, Android-based user interface, and simple installation with our fixed and adjustable wall mounts and mobile stands. Our seamless solution means you can have your new conference room installed and your entire team trained in a matter of days rather than months.

If you’d like to quit struggling through long meetings made longer by challenging, difficult-to-use conference room technology, contact Clear Touch for a Live Online Demo. Our solution is so easy—you have to see it for yourself.

May 9, 2018

Clear Touch Team

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We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website.