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Which is the best whiteboard app for your school or business

Whiteboards have been integral parts of boardrooms and classrooms for decades, but digital whiteboards are changing the game. Just as it has done in virtually every other part of society, modern technology has transformed the way business leaders and educators interact with whiteboards in professional settings. As computers and cloud-based applications revolutionized the ability to store and share information, traditional whiteboards—while still the go-to for quick brainstorming sessions—were largely relegated to the background. Until the introduction of digital whiteboards, that is.

Thanks to the development of whiteboard apps and software solutions, it is easier than ever to leverage the convenience and functionality of a traditional whiteboard while simultaneously incorporating collaborative features like file sharing, remote accessibility, and video conferencing. But as with any new technological innovation, the digital whiteboard market quickly filled with products touting their design as “the next best thing.” With so many to choose from, it can be frustrating to figure out which solution is best for your needs.

To save you time and research, we compared three of the leading digital whiteboard applications, Google Jamboard, Microsoft Whiteboard, and the AWW App. After reviewing each product, we compiled a summary of their features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you decide which would work best for you, your school, or your company.

Google Jamboard

These days, it’s almost impossible to have a conversation about technology without mentioning Google. The company that gained popularity as an Internet search engine has quickly become an ever-present fixture in the digital world. With their new Jamboard, Google went big and developed an interactive flat panel with a companion app that showcases an impressive array of collaborative tools.

When it comes to writing, Jamboard’s software boasts a feature that deciphers and transforms physical handwriting into typed text, which helps bring clarity to the written message. The board’s built-in internet connection makes it easy for presenters to access websites in on-screen windows. This online connection also provides video chat capability, though, at this point, the presenter must choose to share the video chat window or the whiteboard screen. Similar to other video conferencing applications with integrated whiteboards like Skype or GoToMeeting, remote Jamboard participants cannot view the video chat window and the whiteboard windows at the same time.

Features: Like any interactive display, the 55-inch panel allows presenters to write, draw, or type notes on the screen for the audience to see. But while the panel provides an aesthetically pleasing presentation tool, it is not essential. The Jamboard app provides all the same functionality of the interactive display, making it possible for teams to communicate and collaborate from their tablet or smartphones as well. Available for Android and iOS, the Google Jamboard app not only gives remote users the ability to observe presentations but the opportunity to interact with them as well. When logged into the authorized G Suite account, users can draw, sketch, or write on their device, and their input will be displayed on the host panel for all to see.

Cost: Google Jamboard offers a free version of the app, which allows users to use basic features without subscribing to a premium G Suite account. However, for a fully enhanced interactive whiteboard experience, users are encouraged to register for a paid version of G Suite. For those interested in the full Jamboard experience, the interactive whiteboard device currently sells for $4,999, plus roughly $600 in annual services fees.

Microsoft Whiteboard

With more than 400 million Windows 10 users around the world, it just makes sense that Microsoft would develop an interactive whiteboard app of their own. Rather than designing a physical whiteboard display panel, Microsoft simply created an interactive whiteboard app that could be added to existing devices. In an effort to increase the app’s collaborative potential, developers also created a version that is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 9 or later. The app is not currently available for Android devices, but rest assured, Microsoft is working on that.

Features: The cloud-based app, which goes by the straightforward name of “Microsoft Whiteboard,” provides the same basic drawing, writing, and multi-user communication tools as many of the most popular digital whiteboard products. However, given its founder’s commitment to improving education around the world, Microsoft’s whiteboard solution delivers a host of features specifically aimed at improving the educational experience. Teachers can take advantage of built-in translation tools that automatically provide live captions and subtitles for PowerPoint presentations, and they can enhance their math lessons with integrated OneNote and Immersive Reader options.

Cost: To increase the cooperative nature of the software, Microsoft Whiteboard ensures that shared learning management systems can be implemented via Office 365’s Teams feature. While this feature does require a paid subscription, it offers full whiteboard functionality within secure group chat, web conferencing, and online meeting services for authorized users on the same Office 365 account.

AWW Whiteboard App (Short for A Web Whiteboard)

While industry leaders like Google and Microsoft have focused on developing impressive digital solutions distinguished by paid premium features, AWW developers decided to create a more accessible, yet equally robust, whiteboard option. Rather than designing a specialized app that would need to be downloaded on various operating systems, the AWW team created a web-based solution that offers touch-friendly services.

Features: To access the program, users can go to AwwApp.com and start working. Easy as that. The interface provides a convenient dot-grid design that makes it easy to arrange drawings, designs, and notes. To include multiple users, the presenter can give invited users view-only or editing access by sharing a link via email or social media.

Cost: The basic version of the AWW app offers simple, yet intuitive features free of charge. Users who want advanced features such as PDF upload and download, unlimited user accounts, and the ability to save multiple boards can upgrade their experience with paid monthly memberships.

Clear Touch Canvas™

When it comes to whiteboard software, Clear Touch Canvas™ offers an educational solution that stands out from anything else on the market. Exclusively available on Clear Touch™ interactive panels, Canvas is our new whiteboard, annotation, and presentation software—and it extends the presentation benefits beyond the traditional limits of most digital whiteboard products.

Features: This powerful application includes an infinite canvas and a live browser tool that allows users to open, save, and use unlimited browsers within their presentation. No more need to hyperlink, save bookmarks, or jump out of your presentation into multiple third-party applications. Build everything within the Canvas environment instead and store to leading cloud services. Not only does this incredible software solution support Mac, Windows, and Android platforms, it also supports flash games and a wide range of the most popular educational games.

Canvas also features the ability to connect a document camera for the crystal-clear presentation of physical documents. For those who don’t want to invest in a separate doc cam, Canvas also includes a camera tool that lets you turn your phone or tablet into a document camera. Between the infinite whiteboard, the unlimited browsing capability, and the versatile camera options, Canvas creates an engaging educational experience that is truly limitless.

As a company, Clear Touch Interactive® is committed to improving collaboration in the workplace and the classroom. Whether you’re considering a Clear Touch Interactive® panel for your school or business or simply want to learn how to better use Canvas on a Clear Touch™ panel you’ve already purchased, schedule a Live Online Demo today.

March 22, 2019

Clear Touch Team

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