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Warranty Statement

Clear Touch Interactive “Clear Touch” provides the following Limited Warranty to original end users of its interactive flat panels (IFP’s”) and accessory equipment that includes stands, mounts, PC modules, and wireless adapters (“Accessory products”) purchased from Clear Touch Interactive or from an Authorized Reseller Partner.

What is Covered

Clear Touch warrants its products to be free from defective materials, warrants the workmanship, and agrees to correct any such defects during the stated warranty period providing that the interactive flat panel and included Clear Touch accessories are used in accordance with the conditions stated in the User Manual and/or as stated. Clear Touch provides a Limited Warranty.

Clear Touch will provide first tier support of included, at the time of purchase, 3rd party software. 3rd Party software will be supported in perpetuity by original manufacturers.

How Long Coverage Lasts

This limited warranty runs from the original date of purchase. After the expiration of the warranty period, you will be charged for labor, parts, and all shipping costs on any repair services. Coverage is limited to first end user purchaser only and if the product is re-sold or ownership transferred, the warranty will expire and revert to billable service. Warranties are as follows (a PDF download can also be found here):

  • 5000 Series Interactive Flat Panel: 1 year included, 3 years if purchased, 5 years if purchased
  • 6000 Series Interactive Flat Panel: 1 year included, 3 years registered, 5 years if purchased, 7 years if purchased
  • 7000 Series Interactive Flat Panel: 1 year included, 3 years registered, 5 years if purchased, 7 years if purchased
  • PC Module: 1 year included, 3 years if purchased, 5 years if purchased
  • Non-Motorized Components for Mounts and Stands: 1 year included, 3 years if purchased, 5 years if purchased
  • Motorized Components for Mounts and Stands: 3 year included
  • WiFi Modules: 1 year included
  • Web Camera: 1 year included
  • Document Camera: 1 year included, 3 years if purchased, 5 years if purchased
  • Wireless Keyboard: 90 year included

Extended warranties offer differing areas of support. The first 2 year extension will be ship to repair, with the following extension being parts shipped to the customer. i.e. 6000U Panel, Full extension: Years 1-3 Advanced Replacement, 4-5 Ship to Repair, 6-7 Parts Only.

This limited warranty differs by region where the IFP and/or included accessory is installed:

  • Ticket, Voice, and Chat Support: CONUS Standard, OCNUS Standard
  • At discretion, provide advanced replacement IFP or component to customer site. Shipping cost covered excluding special services, duties, and taxes: CONUS Standard, OCNUS Standard
  • At discretion, provide on-site IFP warranty service: CONUS Standard

Clear Touch Warranty Services

Clear Touch will repair any defect in materials or workmanship in the Interactive Flat Panel, Component, or Part (“unit”).

Clear Touch offers the following services in the event of failure:

A. Clear Touch provides Support FAQ’s, Telephone, Ticketing, and Chat Support. FAQ’s are available at https://support.getcleartouch.com . Support can be reached by phone at (864) 643-5045, by submitting a ticket at https://support.getcleartouch.com/portal/newticket , or by Chat from the homepage of https://www.getcleartouch.com/ . Clear Touch strives for response to the above communications within 24 hours during normal business days and strives for a best-effort time to resolution of the issue.

B. Provide Advance Replacement of IFP or Component. 
If Clear Touch Support determines that a warranty-covered issue cannot be resolved remotely,and/or is unlikely to be resolved on-site, Clear Touch may elect to ship an advanced replacement unit(s) to the original customer’s site. The unit(s) will arrive on-site and the customer is responsible for securing transportation into the building unless Special Services (lift-gate, inside delivery, and limited access hours) are requested. Customer agrees to cover the extra costs of Special Services. In such cases, the customer agrees to uninstall/reinstall the unit(s) themselves or with the assistance of the original installer. Clear Touch will provide tracking of shipment to the customer site. Upon receipt of advance replacement unit(s), Customer agrees to swap the unit(s) and prepare the unit(s) for shipment back to Clear Touch using the same packaging as the advance replacement unit to prevent damage to unit(s) during shipping. The defective unit(s) must be received back by Clear Touch within 15 business days, unless expressly stated in writing by Clear Touch, for the disposal or repair of replaced unit(s). Failure to return used or unused unit(s) may result in the customer being invoiced at the Manufacturers Retail Price of the unit(s).

C. Provide On-Site Warranty Service
1. For Continental US only.
2. Once it is determined by Clear Touch Support that resolution to the reported problem cannot be provided through remote support, Clear Touch may elect to dispatch a technician on-site for problem resolution.
3. On-site support and service will be provided by either a Clear Touch employee or an Authorized 3rd party Service Provider (“SP”) at the customers site where the defective unit(s) resides. Clear Touch may also ship advance replacement unit(s) for the technician to use for problem resolution. Once the advance replacement unit(s) arrives at the customer site, the customer is liable for the well-being and safety of such unit(s) and will provide access to them when the technician arrives for service.
4. Customer or their Installer will be responsible for uninstalling and reinstalling the IFP in preparation for the Clear Touch or 3rd Party SP to repair the unit(s)
5. With on-site service, Clear Touch or the 3rd Party SP are responsible for the packaging and return shipment of any unit(s) shipped to customer location.
6. Clear Touch or 3rd Party SP expenses associated directly with the repair of the failed product will be paid by Clear Touch. In the event the problem was not as described by the customer or for circumstances listed under “What is not covered” listed below, Clear Touch reserves the right to invoice the customer for time and expenses accrued while providing on-site service and support. Time is billed at $90/hour that includes travel time.

D. Dead on Arrival (DOA):
Should Clear Touch verify an IFP or accessory product failure within thirty (30) days of purchase from a Clear Touch Authorized Reseller or thirty (30) days of delivery/verifiable installation date, that is not subject to items listed under “What is not covered” section below, Clear Touch will replace the failed IFP or Accessory product with a new equivalent or better product. Clear Touch will pay shipping of replacement to customer location as well as return of defective product (All Regions).

E. Ship to Repair:
For years 1-2 of extended warranties, once the issue is determined to be hardware, the Interactive Flat Panel/product will need to be shipped back to Clear Touch’s repair depot. Address and shipping details will be covered inside the support ticket. Clear Touch will cover all shipping arrangements and costs for Ship to Repair units.

F. Repair Parts Shipment:
For years 3-4 of further extended warranties, replacement parts will be provided to the end user once the issue is determined to be hardware based. Clear Touch agrees to arrange and pay for shipment of the aforementioned parts and provide remote assistance to the end user with installation of said parts.

What is Not Covered?

Damage to the IFP or accessory product that is caused by accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration (including 3rd Party accessories), natural disaster, cosmetic damage or unauthorized repair of the IFP or accessory product. In addition, this warranty does not cover damage due to:

  • Improper or incorrectly performed installation (incorrectly performed installation includes but is not limited to: cross-threaded bolts, software required updates, inlet and exhaust air flow restrictions, operation outside of stated environmental specifications, setup on customer’s network, incorrect mounting or installation, reinstallation, operation, or failure to perform recommended maintenance on IFP or adjustable mounts/stands.
  • Power surges, connection to incorrect voltage, or combination with incompatible components or accessories; or repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized Clear Touch service facility.
  • Degraded performance or damage due to malware.
  • Installation of 3rd Party software on the PC Module.
  • Surface damage due to sharp objects scraping the surface, physical abuse or the use of non-recommended cleaning solutions or methods.
  • Customer’s personal data installed on the IFP or Embedded PC (It is recommended that the customer backs up personal data from the PC or IFP before deleting it from the embedded PC or IFP).

Panel warranty is voided if excessive pressure is applied to the edges of any IFP that results in mechanical damage, display damage, or degraded sensor performance.

Clear Touch reserves the right to use refurbished or “as new” spare parts in the repair of customers unit(s), the function of which is as new equipment.

Clear Touch reserves the right to charge for any services or support provided to the end user customer that incurred direct cost to Clear Touch that contravenes the intent and Terms and Conditions of this warranty statement subject to “What is Not Covered” clauses. It is the customers’ responsibility to assist, to the best of their ability, Clear Touch Support in detailing the problems and performing diagnostics required by Clear Touch support.

Incurred consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under the warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Note: brightness degradation is normal over time with interactive flat panels and displays. Also, it is normal in LCD/LED technology to have a limited number of individual pixels fail over the lifetime of the IFP.

If the factory serial number does not appear or has been changed on your IFP or embedded PC, this warranty will not apply.

Service Eligibility: In order to be eligible for service under this warranty, you MUST be the original end user of a Clear Touch IFP or accessory product with the original factory serial number (IFP and PC Module).

Outside Warranty Repaired Product. Clear Touch warrants repaired product for a period of ninety (90) days after Clear Touch completes the repair of the defective product. Should the same fault occur in the same part of the repaired product due to the same root cause within the said ninety day (90) period, end user should request to return the faulty product in accordance with the stated Return Merchandise Authorization.

Limitation of Liability: Unless otherwise required by applicable law, Clear Touch’s maximum liability under or in connection with these terms and conditions or for any warranty claim shall be limited to reimbursement of the costs paid by Reseller to Clear Touch for the IFP or accessory product that has failed, pro-rated as below (to view a graph version of this information please click here):

  • Year one (31 to 365 calendar days from installation date): 60%
  • Year two (366 to 730 calendar days from installation date): 40%
  • Year three (731 to 1095 calendar days from installation date): 30%
  • Year four* (1096 to 1460 calendar days from installation date): 20%
  • Year five* (1461 to 1827 calendar days from installation date): 10%
  • Year six and seven* (1828 to 2557 calendar days from installation date): 5%

*Extended Warranty is required.

Note: If proof of installation date is unavailable, the date sold to re-seller will prevail.

Legal Terms

This document and any document referenced herein sets out the entire agreement relating to the terms and conditions of the Clear Touch Warranties and supersedes any prior agreements, arrangements or representations regarding the product including any representations made in Clear Touch Interactive sales literature or information given or provided by a Clear Touch employee, reseller, or distributor of Clear Touch. No reseller, Agent, or distributor of Clear Touch is authorized to make or agree any modification, extension, addition or variation to the terms and conditions of and of the Warranties nor to offer any other remedy (including but not limited to the offer of a refund) for or on behalf of Clear Touch. No change may be made to these warranties unless expressly made in writing made by an authorized officer of Clear Touch.


If any provision of these Clear Touch Warranties is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable by any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be severed without effect to the remaining provisions. If a provision of these Warranties that is fundamental to the accomplishment of the purpose of these Warranties is held to any extent to be invalid, the Customer and Clear Touch Interactive shall immediately commence good faith negotiations to remedy that invalidity.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Warranty Statement, please feel free to contact us at the following email, telephone number, or mailing address. You can also view a PDF version of this statement by clicking here. 



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