The Best Guide to Campus Safety with Clear Touch


Clear Touch: Elevating Campus Safety & Collaboration

Clear Touch Interactive provides interactive displays and tech solutions for education and business. Prioritizing campus safety, their software, Clear Touch Command™, aids emergency preparedness and communication. Administrators can monitor and control multiple interactive panels from one location, sending alerts, broadcasting messages, and sharing content in real time. With remote troubleshooting and maintenance, Clear Touch Command™ ensures enhanced communication, collaboration, and security on campus.

How Command™ Upgrades Campus Security

Feature #1: Efficient Communication with Interactive Panels

Streamline communication and notification sharing with interactive panels for effective administrator-to-student/staff communication. Keep everyone informed about essential announcements, emergencies, and events effortlessly. With this feature, administrators can easily:

  • Distribute school-wide announcements for upcoming events or schedule changes.
  • Share important safety information with students and staff.
  • Provide timely updates for the bus schedule.
  • Broadcast student news across all Clear Touch panels.

Feature #2: Optimize Interactive Panel Security and Performance with Routine Maintenance

To maintain the security and performance of interactive panels, scheduling regular maintenance is essential. Firmware updates are crucial in keeping the devices up-to-date with the latest enhancements and fixes. Administrators can easily initiate a command for updates during non-school hours, ensuring the panels are fully ready for students and teachers when they return to the classroom.

Feature #3: Effortless Remote Device Management for Optimal Performance

Administrators can conveniently manage devices and ensure their status and security from any web-accessible device. This saves energy and preserves the devices' overall condition.

Key capabilities for administrators include:

  • Remote management and troubleshooting of panels.
  • Scheduled power control to turn panels off/on at specific times daily, promoting longevity.
  • Remote access restrictions to safeguard panels from unauthorized users.

More about Clear Touch
Clear Touch, headquartered in Greenville, SC, is a leading US global manufacturer of interactive touch panels and accessories as well as digital signage displays and solutions for education, government, and business. Clear Digital is our affiliate brand that specializes in digital signage solutions. For more information, visit our websites:  | |

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