Trainer Certification Class

Become a Clear Touch® Certified Trainer!

This three day workshop is designed to help IT directors, curriculum instructors, and teachers learn how to connect the Clear Touch® solution to their daily classroom practices. This virtual workshop gives participants the opportunity to practice, collaborate, and create. Attendees will leave with the tools to build district-specific professional development plans that are sustainable, collaborative, intensive, and classroom-focused.

CT22_Training Implementation lifestyle

This three day intensive workshop provides districts with the following:

    • A way to build capacity
    • In-house experts who can provide on-going support to teachers
    • A custom PD plan, designed by YOUR team, that is sustainable, on-going, job-embedded, and classroom-focused
    • Real world application of the Clear Touch Solution in teachers’ instructional landscapes
    • Pedagogical best practices
    • And MORE!

Certification Benefits

Upon completion of the optional follow-up assignments, attendees will receive Clear Touch Trainer Certification Credentials. Certification benefits include the following:

  • Access to Clear Touch PD resources
  • The potential to be invited to present at conferences (State and National)
  • The potential to be invited to conduct PD sessions during summer months
  • Endorsement on the Clear Touch Website

Successful completion of the program includes the following:

    • Product
      • 65K+ Panel
      • WiFi module
      • Fixed Mobile Stand
      • Integrated i5 PC with Windows 10 preinstalled
      • Webcam
      • Tripod
    • Snowflake Software Licenses (5)
    • All resources necessary to help design and implement custom PD sessions for your customers or district educators, including agendas and additional documentation
    • Potentially be invited to conduct PD for Clear Touch (If approved by your organization)
    • Endorsement on the company website
    • Respond to specific RFP requirements that call for “Certified Trainers” (Resellers/Contractors)
    • Potentially be invited to present at conferences (Educators)

*upon payment for the Certification Course with shipping included.


Virtual Training Course Information

This Virtual Workshop will take place via Zoom. This workshop will be facilitated by the experienced Clear Touch PD Team and is designed to be hands-on, collaborative, pedagogy-focused, and intensive. Attendees will have opportunities to collaborate and network with educators from across the country.

Attendee limit is 15 for this course.


  • September 27-29 2022


  • Attendance all three days is mandatory to apply for Certification
  • Attendees will be asked to keep their cameras on to help facilitate learning
  • Attendees will need access to their Clear Touch Panel, PC, and equipment for a hands-on learning experience. **Equipment will be shipped upon payment**

Location: Virtual on Zoom

Cost: $6,000 per person. Early bird registration (if registered and paid by 6/30/2022) is $5500 per person.

View Workshop Syllabus


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