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Being a substitute teacher isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Substitutes have to come into an unfamiliar classroom, where they may or may not know the subject matter, armed with nothing more than a lesson plan that they didn’t write. And they have to somehow keep students on task and engaged—students who may see a substitute as a chance to slack off, chat with their friends, or make mischief.

Of course, teachers understand the reality that substitutes face. If you want to make sure that your students continue to learn, even when you have to miss a day, the best defense is a good offense. Studies prove that students who are interested and engaged in the material are more likely to learn and less likely to cause disciplinary problems. The next time you know you’re going to need a substitute teacher, consider creating a lesson using your Clear Touch Interactive display to help students stay focused on learning.

Creating Substitute Lesson Plans with Snowflake and EasiCapture

Clear Touch interactive panels come preloaded with all the software you need to teach, including Snowflake. Snowflake is an easy-to-use, intuitive software that allows you to create animations for your lesson plans and presentations. Snowflake also enables you to develop lessons from various pre-set modules, completely customize interactive lessons and save your lesson plans from year-to-year, building up a library of lessons that you can choose from when you have to miss a class. This software not only gives substitutes easy-to-navigate lesson plans at the press of a button, it also empowers them to create on-the-fly interactive lessons or educational games to help keep your students interested and learning—which is especially helpful if the lesson that you created is over before the class bell rings.  

Our EasiCapture software is also an excellent way to create simple, effective substitute lesson plans. With this software, you can record lessons for use on days when you might need to be out. All your substitute has to do is hit play. Record multiple lessons upfront or save your lessons from one year to the next so that you’ll have them on hand for a rainy day.

Traditional Substitute Lesson Plans

More traditional, pen-and-paper substitute lesson plans are also made easier with Clear Touch. Our interactive panels offer easy connection to third party accessories, such as laptops and DVD players, so that substitutes can go through a PowerPoint, view supplemental material, or even play video content such as Beauty and the Beast in French for French 101, or a science lesson with Bill Nye the Science Guy. (Hey…we all do it!) Plus, if you create a virtual seating chart or allow students to sign in on your Clear Touch panel substitutes can easily take attendance and make sure all students are where they’re supposed to be.  

Long Term Substitutes: Quick Start Guide and Clear Touch Academy

Often, teachers have to be out for a while, they develop an ongoing relationship with a substitute they always call if they’re out. If you are using a long term substitute, one of the best ways you can make sure that you empower your substitute is to give access to our handy Quick Start Guide. In it you will find instructional videos, downloadable documents, troubleshooting advice and FAQs designed to help newcomers fully understand and use their interactive panels.

Another way for teachers and substitutes to learn to use Clear Touch interactive panels is Clear Touch Academy. Clear Touch Academy is a free user account that gives you access to learning modules and course videos to help you maximize your interactive panel.


A Clear Touch interactive panel in the classroom is an indispensable tool for teachers and also for substitutes. It’s easy to use and it’s interactivity helps students to engage with the lesson, increasing ability to learn and retain. For more questions about Clear Touch and our interactive panels, click here.

April 23, 2017

Clear Touch Team

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