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Are you ready to create presentations that can’t be ignored? There is perhaps no better solution for creating larger-than-life visual presentations than an LED video wall. Whether you need a single LED display for a small space or multiple displays to create a large-scale immersive experience—LED video walls deliver display solutions that are scalable, bright, high-performing, and flexible.

In this guide, we will explore what an LED video wall is, what businesses get from LED video walls, and what are some of the many benefits of video walls over other solutions.

What is a video wall

A video wall is a modular LED video display that can form a single larger screen. A built-in video wall controller on each display enables each device to perform heavy-duty image and video processing, which results in high-quality performance that can be shared across multiple displays. The modular nature of LED video walls also means that you can scale your displays to create large, immersive visual experiences that are simply not possible with other solutions.

Benefits of using Clear Touch LED video walls

Here are just a few highlights of what businesses get from using a LED video wall (Note, Clear Touch is a reseller of Clear Digital products):

1. Better engage audiences

There is simply no beating the visual clarity and brightness of an LED video wall. Each Clear Digital video wall display has a high resolution. The displays are also bright and do not have many of the limitations that other solutions would when it comes to presenting resource-intensive media content. This means that your content won’t be missed no matter the situation. In addition, the Vue™ Video Wall includes PixelGuard™ technology that acts as a protective covering over the LED lights and protects the screen from casual contact while also reducing ambient light interference.

2. Create immersive experiences quickly and at a lower cost than other custom solutions.

The LED Vue™ Video Wall by Clear Digital™  comes in pre-set screen sizes and comes delivered in individual “tile” pieces that can easily and seamlessly be connected to display one full image. Choosing from pre-set video wall sizes means that you will have shorter turnaround time for receiving your video wall, and you’ll also pay less than you would for a custom solution. It also means that you can quickly set up your experience and get your message out to your audience. In addition, using tiles allows for front-end maintenance and easier (and cheaper) replacement of single tiles in case LED lights do need to be replaced, especially since the tiles are interchangeable.

3. Share your content in fresh ways

Video walls can also be used in a variety of other applications for businesses, churches, and more. For example, businesses can use video walls as a compelling replacement for wall-mounted displays to share information, data dashboards, or business results around the office. Organizations, such as churches, can use the displays to create compelling informational displays throughout a lobby or atrium to share important information, announcements, and content.

LED Video Walls vs. Traditional Projectors

Video walls are often put side-by-side as an alternative to projectors. While video walls indeed are an alternative, this comparison does not do justice to the many significant advantages of videos walls over projectors. Here are a few comparisons:

1. LED video walls are brighter than projectors.

When it comes to comparing LED video walls to traditional projectors, LED video walls quickly distinguish themselves as the superior choice. Video walls are much brighter than projectors and are visible even in daylight, whereas projectors must compete with other light sources.

2. LED video walls last longer than projectors and require less maintenance.

Projector bulbs lose brightness over time. In fact, many lose up to 30 percent of their original brightness within the first year alone! A video wall’s LED construction, however, ensures that you have a crisp, bright, and clear image for years without any loss of brightness or image quality.

3. LED video walls deliver superior performance to projectors.

Projectors rely on external devices for the processing power to share content. When it comes to sharing multiple streams of content, this can quickly become a tedious and complex operation for a projector. Video walls, on the other hand, have a video controller built into each display. Video wall controllers can easily manage multiple streams of content, letting you create dynamic presentations. Projectors simply do not have as much power or flexibility.

4. LED video walls require less maintenance than projectors.

Video walls do require more time and effort to install initially than projectors. However, once installed they require much less maintenance. For example, the average projector bulb lasts 2,500 hours, while a video wall will last up to 100,000 hours. This means a video wall would last for the equivalent of 40 projector bulbs.

LED video walls: a wise investment

Simply put, video walls deliver superior performance, quality, brightness, longevity and are an excellent investment for any business or organization. Are you ready to present your message in a whole new light? Our solutions architects are standing by and ready to guide you to the right solution for you.

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November 5, 2019

Clear Touch Team

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