Interactive Classroom Technology For

Created with school districts in mind. Clear Touch® interactive panels provide the ideal choice for school districts looking to implement a long-term, affordable, and sustainable classroom technology solution.

A Worthwhile District-Level Investment

Clear Touch panels offer a valuable return-on-investment for school districts of any size. Unlike projectors and interactive whiteboards, our panels quickly pay for themselves. Clear Touch panels come with a full suite of educational software tools without expensive software subscriptions, operate on an efficient power budget, and often do not require ongoing maintenance costs, such as bulb replacements and calibrations.

District-Level Communication

The ability to communicate and monitor technology usage in the classroom at a district-level empowers administrators and district officials to make data-driven, informed decisions.

Technology & Timelines

We work with partners nationwide to be sure you receive the latest and greatest in interactive panel technology and help you install it so that your classrooms are upgraded according to your timeline needs.

Proven Reputation for Quality

We understand that you’re looking for solutions not just another big expensive gadget. Our displays deliver only the best in quality, performance, and technical capabilities.


6000K+ Interactive Displays

  • Screen sizes 65″, 75″, and 86″
  • Features built-in subwoofer, WiFi module, a USB-C cable, and a wall mount
  • Features fastest processor yet

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7000XE Interactive Displays

  • Screen sizes 43, 65″, and 86″
  • 20 points of touch and 10 points of writing as well as pressure detection
  • Compatible with a Mini or Convertible Mobile stand

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Evo™ Roll

  • Weather- & impact-resistant digital signage
  • Large puncture-resistant wheels for transport
  • 14+ hours of battery life with full charge

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Vue™ LED Video Wall

  • LED video wall up to 220”
  • Mountable or stand options
  • PixelGuard™ screen protector

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Gel™ Sanitizer Station

  • Digital signage sanitizer station
  • Large reservoir
  • Stand & wall mount options

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Web Camera

  • 1080p camera
  • Exceptional video quality in most lighting conditions

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“We want to get the ROI we expect, but these panels have far
exceeded our expectations. When all teachers are on the same
device and there’s no gap in understanding, then the technology
becomes an unbelievable benefit rather than a barrier.”

Rose Powell

Executive Director of Technology Services
& REAA for Bibb County School District

“The functionality of the Clear Touch panel sold [us].
Because the panel did so much but was still so easy-to-use,
the teachers fell in love. They were comfortable getting up
and using the panel right away. They had confidence that
they could transition to the new technology without
disrupting their classrooms.”

Rose Powell

Executive Director of Technology Services
& REAA for Bibb County School District

Award-Winning Technology. Game-Changing Software.
Unparalleled Support.


Software … Fully Loaded

A full suite of software comes bundled with the purchase of your
panel – for no additional fee or ongoing subscription costs.


Training & Support

Watch online tutorials, download the latest software, or submit a
support ticket — all from our training and support center.