Clear Touch® simplifies technology implementation

Easy Technology to Implement

Nothing is more frustrating than long and painful technology implementations that require entire construction crews that create noisy interruptions. Clear Touch® interactive panels give you a simple implementation—no complicated in-wall wiring, no ceiling projector installations, just simple device setup and configuration.

Clear Touch Interactive panels are easy to implement
New, quality interactive panels

Our interactive panels are made to order

At Clear Touch®, we don’t carry lots of inventory that collects dust over the years. All of our machines are made to order, ensuring you get the latest Clear Touch®  technology. We and our reseller partner will work with you on the best delivery date, and once there installation takes only a matter of hours or a few days depending on the size of your order.

Easy setup

Quick & painless technology installations

The flexible, easy-to-use EasiRemote system can be customized to fit your school’s needs precisely. Broadcast morning announcements with full multi-cast video, or contact a single room to page a student to the office. You can even create custom groups such as a grade level or a wing.

User Safety

Our wall mounts ensure safety is always our first priority.

Using the wrong wall mount can cause a fall hazard for your students and teachers. At Clear Touch®, we eliminate this concern altogether by including our very own steel-constructed wall mount for each panel at no additional cost. This specially constructed wall mount ensures each panel is sufficiently supported on a wall, eliminating fall hazards and giving you the peace of mind. You may also choose from a stable mobile cart for your panels.

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