Interactive Classroom Technology For

Easy-to-implement technology.Clear Touch® interactive panels deliver next-generation performance, integration, and management for schools and educational IT departments everywhere.

Best-in-Class Technical Performance

All five sizes of panels provide a consistency of internal hardware, software, and usage experience, which simplifies IT support requests, system and hardware management, and new staff training.

Seamless Integration

We made easy integration a key focus. The result is panels with nine ports, including legacy ports, an Android port, an onboard PC, and three HDMI cables.

Clear Touch Command™

Our Command software offers remote access so you can fulfill support requests, script updates, or customize individual panels for specific needs — all without disrupting the classroom experience.

Crystal Clear Viewing Experience

We currently offer UltraHD 60Hz panels that render at 60Hz, which means that our screens appear much clearer than many comparable systems.


7000XE Interactive Displays

  • Screen sizes 43, 65″, and 86″
  • 20 points of touch and 10 points of writing as well as pressure detection
  • Compatible with a Mini or Convertible Mobile stand

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6000K+ Interactive Displays

  • Screen sizes 65″, 75″, and 86″
  • Features built-in subwoofer, WiFi module, a USB-C cable, and a wall mount
  • Features fastest processor yet

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  • Remotely control all panels
  • Send out image or text messages to individual panels or panels on an entire network

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Web Camera

  • 1080p camera
  • Exceptional video quality in most lighting conditions

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Huddle Camera

  • 4K webcam and integrated audio with noise cancellation
  • Easy installation via USB 3.0 or HDMI port

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Evo™ Roll

  • Weather- & impact-resistant digital signage
  • Large puncture-resistant wheels for transport
  • 14+ hours of battery life with full charge

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“...on average we’ve had less than one ticket per day
across all of our schools that have the new panels.
And those typically turn out to be an end user
issue, not a technology issue.”

Todd Antwine

Director of Information and Technology Services for Walton County

“The functionality of the Clear Touch panel sold [us].
Because the panel did so much but was still so easy-to-use,
the teachers fell in love. They were comfortable getting up
and using the panel right away. They had confidence that
they could transition to the new technology without
disrupting their classrooms.”

Rose Powell

Executive Director of Technology Services
& REAA for Bibb County School District

“As a teacher, you can always tell which students are still processing
and need more of your time. It’s so meaningful and powerful to be able to move around,
be next to those students who are struggling without having to call them up to you,
and build that rapport. I also love that I can easily record lessons,
and I’m already starting to build up my library of additional resources
so I can pull the video next year if I’m out”

Yvette Shore

Math Department Chair and National Board Certified Lead STEM Teacher for Davie County High School

Award-Winning Technology. Game-Changing Software.
Unparalleled Support.


Software … Fully Loaded

A full suite of software comes bundled with the purchase of your
panel – for no additional fee or ongoing subscription costs.


Training & Support

Watch online tutorials, download the latest software, or submit a
support ticket — all from our training and support center.