Clear Touch® Interactive Panels deliver

Best-in-Class Technical Performance

All five sizes of panels provide a consistency of internal hardware, software, and usage experience, which simplifies IT support requests, system and hardware management, and new staff training.

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clear touch solutions administrators remote access

Clear Touch Command™

Our interactive panels are designed from the ground up to eliminate many of the most common IT management frustrations and headaches. Our Command software allows you to easily remote access all panels to fulfill support requests, script updates and actions, or customize panels for individual needs—all without entering and interrupting the classroom experience.


All-in-one Simplicity

One of the true beauties of interactive panels is their ability to replace multiple devices with a single device. Unlike projectors, which often require complex installations and wiring to accommodate integrations with other devices, Clear Touch® interactive panels provide an easy, all-in-one solution with nine ports (including an onboard PC, three HDMI ports, and legacy ports). All you need to do is simply plug and play.


Crystal Clear Viewing Experience

Currently offering UltraHD 60Hz, Clear Touch® panels enable a crystal clear viewing experience. Our interactive panels also render at 60Hz, which means that our screens appear much clearer than many comparable systems, which boast similar characteristics but only render at 30Hz.