Classroom Technology For

Content is king. Interactive panels place lesson content at the core of the learning experience. Don’t struggle with finicky technology, projectors, or interactive whiteboards. Now teachers can spend more time engaging their students.

Seamless Classroom Teaching Experiences
that boosts teacher-student interaction.

Easily adapt lessons on the fly, by drawing on top of lesson content, playing educational games, playing videos, or streaming
content from another device. Want to use Powerpoint or another software? Not a problem! We are software agnostic — allowing
you to use the tools that best promote learning.

Bundle Software

With an easy-to-use suite of educational
software, Clear Touch® interactive panels
allow you to easily create vibrant,
interactive lesson plans for your students.

Content-Centric Teaching

Clear Touch interactive panels are both
easy to use and place a strong emphasis on
making the content taught the center of the
classroom experience.

Interactivity for All

With a 180 degree rotating screen, teachers
can easily create an interactive tabletop
environment that allows all students to
participate, regardless of height or disability.


6000K+ Interactive Displays

  • Screen sizes 65″, 75″, and 86″
  • Features built-in subwoofer, WiFi module, a USB-C cable, and a wall mount
  • Features fastest processor yet

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Web Camera

  • 1080p camera
  • Exceptional video quality in most lighting conditions

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Huddle Camera

  • 4K webcam and integrated audio with noise cancellation
  • Easy installation via USB 3.0 or HDMI port

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Document Camera

  • Wireless capabilities for maximum mobility
  • Rechargeable battery for cord-free operation

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Tripod Kit

  • 28” extender arm and adjustable head for the perfect video angle
  • Compatible with many devices using one simple connection.

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Gel™ Sanitizer Station

  • Digital signage sanitizer station
  • Large reservoir
  • Stand & wall mount options

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“The functionality of the Clear Touch panel sold [us].
Because the panel did so much but was still so easy-to-use,
the teachers fell in love. They were comfortable getting up
and using the panel right away. They had confidence that
they could transition to the new technology without
disrupting their classrooms.”

Rose Powell

Executive Director of Technology Services
& REAA for Bibb County School District

“We wanted something that teachers could use with minimal direction,
but then have advanced features for when they’re ready to move on.”

Darlene Lovinggood

Galena Park ISD’s Executive Director of Technology

“The teachers loved how intuitive they are
and the software that’s included with the panels.”

Krissy Sabbatini

Technology Facilitator for The Center for Advanced Careers at Alief ISD

Award-Winning Technology. Game-Changing Software.
Unparalleled Support.


Software … Fully Loaded

A full suite of software comes bundled with the purchase of your
panel – for no additional fee or ongoing subscription costs.


Training & Support

Watch online tutorials, download the latest software, or submit a
support ticket — all from our training and support center.