Software Solutions for Education


Create Engaging Experiences With a Powerful App
Suite Designed Specifically for Touchscreen Panels

As a teacher, you probably have hundreds of ideas for creating engaging and interactive lessons and activities. We're here to bring them to life. Chorus is the educational software suite specifically designed for creating interactive educational experiences on Clear Touch panels. Chorus is now integrated with Canvas LMS to elevate teaching and learning.

Features & Benefits

Chorus comes equipped with a variety of pre-built applications, including YouTube, an infinite whiteboard, and educational games that can be used in a variety of ways in class. For example, simple games like Organs, Math Bugs, and Animals are a great way to warm-up students before a lesson or use as a reward at the end of a busy day. Zone-splitting tools take everything to a whole new level by allowing you to design lessons specifically for a touchscreen panel in tabletop mode. Plus, Chorus has an active online community that lets you connect with your peers and share lessons and activities that you have created.

Powerful Interactive Lesson Building Tools

Easily create engaging interactive lessons, activities, and games with a variety of pre-built lesson tools.

Unlimited Space, Unlimited Canvases

There are no boundaries to what you can do with an infinite whiteboard.

Media Versatility

Videos, pictures, flash games, notes, and more—all of these media types can be woven together into your lessons.

Videos without the Ads

Chorus lets you play YouTube videos directly on the panel while stripping out unwanted video ads and comments.

Intuitive, Universal User Interface

Easily create unified lesson plans with intuitive controls that work across all devices.

Vibrant Online Community

Looking for inspiration for your lessons? Chorus lets you connect to an online community of teachers and share your lessons.

Zone-splitting for Tabletop Mode

Create unique content specifically for a panel in tabletop mode or pull up multiple lessons or activities on a single panel.

Distraction-Free Learning Space

By incorporating all of your content directly into a single application, you can engage students easily without unnecessary distractions.

Bundled With Every Device

Chorus comes bundled with every Clear Touch panel, allowing you to easily integrate new devices into your existing processes without additional cost.

Full Annotation Toolset

Mark up your presentation or lesson plan and easily save your notes for future reference.


App Capabilities

Chorus is a powerful suite of more than 30 applications designed specifically for use on Clear Touch panels. These applications give teachers a powerful toolkit for creating compelling classroom experiences.

  • Break-up the screen into 1-4 independent zones for group activities
  • Add YouTube videos without unwanted ads and comments
  • Bring content into full screen mode
  • Create engaging activities and games
  • Project video from a phone, tablet, or document camera
  • Create an on-screen whiteboard
  • Write your notes directly on the screen
  • Incorporate interactive games

Getting Started

How to Create an Interactive Lesson in Chorus

The true beauty of Chorus is its powerful interactive lesson-building tools that enable teachers to create their own lessons.
More than a dozen pre-built tools allow you to craft custom games and activities, such as drag-and-drop challenges, word scrambles, matching quizzes, spinner games, and more. You can now weave all of these elements together with images, videos, sound effects, and more to create engaging and compelling interactive learning experiences.

1. Launch Chorus

Open the Chorus app and swipe left or right to
see all of the various apps, included in the Lessons App.

2. Choose a Lesson Type

Choose from one of the many interactive lesson

3. Create Your Lesson

Easily add content, images, media, and more into
your various lesson types to create a unique and
engaging lesson that meets your classroom’s needs.

4. Save Your Work

Save your lesson locally or to the cloud for easy
access later in the classroom.