Software Solutions for Education

Access, Create, and Share Lesson Plans from your Web Browser

Educators have learned to adapt to teaching hybrid, remote, and in-person groups of students with an ever-changing schedule. Because of this, Clear Touch jumped into action to create a lesson planning solution to accommodate the changing needs of educators.

Features & Benefits

Snowflake.Live is a web-based educational software tool that is built into our Snowflake by NUITEQ software suite. It is an online platform that allows educators to create and customize online lesson activities based on their curriculum, share them with remote or hybrid students, and assess them. While Snowflake software was created specifically for our interactive panels, Snowflake.Live can be used remotely on multiple devices, but are also compatible with our interactive panels.

Integrated Chorus Online

Users can access Chorus Online through their Snowflake.Live account to create, markup, and share Chorus whiteboard files from their web browsers.

Shareable Content

Share with your students so that they can access Snowflake.Live and Chorus Online files on their own technology from home.

Media Versatility

Videos, pictures, flash games, notes, and more—all of these media types can be woven together into your lessons.

Vibrant Online Community

Looking for inspiration for your lessons? Snowflake lets you connect to an online community of teachers and share your lessons.

Customizable Lesson Building Tools

Easily create or edit games, notes, and lesson activities on Snowflake.Live to fit your specific standards and classroom needs.

How to Create an Interactive Activity in Snowflake.Live

Snowflake.Live comes with pre-built tools to encourage educators to create or customize lesson activities and games such as drag-and-drop challenges, word scrambles, matching quizzes, spinner games, and more.

1. Launch Snowflake.Live

Visit Snowflake.Live in your preferred web browser and sign in using your Snowflake account information.

2. Choose a Lesson Type

Choose from one of the many interactive lesson activities for a wide range of age levels.

3. Create Your Lesson

Easily add content, images, media, and more into your various lesson types to create a unique and engaging lesson that meets your classroom’s needs.

4. Save Your Work

Save your lesson locally or to the cloud to share with students.

Meet the Snowflake AI Assistant

Using the online platform, teachers can efficiently build Al-powered lesson activities that are curriculum-aligned and help students learn and retain content.

The Snowflake AI Assistant is here to facilitate the way you work by automating routine tasks -- allowing you to focus even more on fostering meaningful relationships and guiding students toward success.

The AI Assistant supplements your expertise, assisting you in creating lesson activities. This tool was designed to enhance your role as an educator.

The Snowflake AI Assistant Helps Teachers:

  • Simplify Planning and Save Valuable Time
  • Apply Differentiation Based on Universal Design for Learning
  • Develop More Content to Activate and Engage Students
  • Supplement Your Expertise and Enhance Your Material
Capabilities App Capabilities

Snowflake.Live is a powerful online-based software designed specifically for educators learning to adapt to teaching hybrid, remote, and in-person groups of students. This application gives teachers a powerful toolkit for creating compelling learning experiences.

  • Create or edit games, lessons, notes to share with the entire classroom
  • Allow students to access content from their own devices at home
  • Integrate and share various media types into your lessons
  • Access with your already existing Snowflake account
  • Project video from a phone, tablet, or document camera
  • Share inspiration with an online community of teachers