Create Engaging Experiences with NUITEQ Chorus

NUITEQ Chorus offers a comprehensive educational solution that combines innovation with practicality to tackle the challenges of modern learning.

Chorus addresses today's modern educational landscape by integrating diverse skill-building techniques, leveraging the power of digital technology to promote accessibility and inclusivity, optimizing content delivery processes, and helping to reduce teacher workload while prioritizing educator well-being.


Redefine Teaching and Learning

Unleash a world of interactive learning.

Bring your classroom to life with NUITEQ Chorus, a powerful teaching and learning software platform designed for Clear Touch interactive displays.

Chorus is designed to facilitate differentiated learning. This platform empowers educators to cater to diverse student needs, ultimately leading to improved learning outcomes. Chorus's digital makerspace allows students to actively engage in learning through content creation, fostering creativity and understanding.

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Master · Simplify · Transform

NUITEQ's Chorus transcends a platform – it's a digital collaborative hub built to help master, simplify, and transform the learning process. Grounded in sound pedagogy, Chorus empowers educators and students. Accessible on any device, it offers limitless learning, anytime, anywhere. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is at its core, transitioning learners from content consumers into empowered creators.

Students master content while developing essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. At the same time, Chorus simplifies teaching with accessible, relevant, and engaging content while transforming education to improve learning opportunities and elevate students' outcomes.

Student Digital Makerspace

The Chorus digital makerspace encourages student creation, one of the most powerful strategies educators can utilize to improve learning outcomes. Developed following the principles of UDL, it allows students to show mastery of content through creation.

Ready-made Lesson Activities templates and different multimedia formats offer alternative modes of representation to create learning games, presentations, and even full projects.

By creating, students develop critical thinking, creativity, and communication and can easily demonstrate an understanding of the material. The Chorus digital makerspace empowers students to take an active role in their learning journey, leading to improved outcomes.


Unlock the Power of Your Clear Touch Panel:

Multi-Touch Learning: Split the front-of-class display into zones and run multiple apps simultaneously for interactive, hands-on learning.

Flexible Orientation: Use Chorus on your panel in upright or tabletop mode (with Clear Touch's 7000 series panels) to perfectly suit your teaching style and classroom layout.

Offline Access: Deliver interactive lessons even without an internet connection.

Effortless Collaboration

Chorus makes teacher-student interactions a breeze with its organizer and sharing capabilities.

Educators can easily access or create lesson activities and send out assignments for which they can provide instant feedback, allowing students to learn and improve in real-time.

With the ability to share resources and ideas effortlessly, Chorus fosters a collaborative learning environment where every voice is heard.


Dynamic Presentation Tools

Empower student participation. Transform your lessons into captivating experiences with Chorus's interactive whiteboard.

Unique features like in-class collaboration from student devices and seamless web page integration let you create dynamic presentations that actively involve students, fostering deeper understanding and boosting engagement.

Save time with the Award-Winning Chorus AI Assistant

The AI Assistant in NUITEQ Chorus is here to streamline the way you work. By automating routine tasks like lesson planning, the AI Assistant allows you to focus even more on fostering meaningful relationships and guiding students toward success.

The Chorus AI Assistant transforms images and YouTube videos into engaging lessons, supporting over 85 languages for a truly global classroom. This powerful tool empowers you to tailor activities to each student's learning style, ensuring no one gets left behind.


Chorus Online: Boost Student Engagement Anywhere

Anytime, anywhere learning.

Experience a different approach to teaching and learning with NUITEQ Chorus. Through pre-made vetted lessons, Chorus lightens the load for educators, allowing them to focus on personalized instruction -- anywhere from the classroom to the cloud.

Whether facilitating a dynamic flipped classroom or a traditional in-person setting, Chorus provides a safe space for online collaboration and personalized instruction, ensuring curriculum relevance for all students.

Chorus integrates with Canvas LMS, Google Classroom, ClassLink, Clever, and Microsoft to ensure your workflow is seamless as possible.

Explore Chorus Online

See How They're Learning:
Insightful Tracking and Reporting

Track and monitor learning progress with Chorus's reporting tools. Educators can gain valuable insights into student performance, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and tailor their teaching accordingly.

With detailed reports and analytics at their fingertips, educators can make data-driven decisions that enhance student learning outcomes.

Boost Engagement:
Active Participation and Feedback

Engage students with interactive polls that encourage active participation and feedback. Chorus's polling feature allows educators to gauge student understanding in real-time, enabling them to adjust their teaching strategies on the fly.

By incorporating polls into lessons, educators can create dynamic and responsive learning experiences that keep students engaged and motivated.

NUITEQ Chorus: The Ultimate Solution

A digital collaborative teaching and learning platform based on sound educational principles that is accessible to all students at all times.

Designed with educators and students in mind, Chorus transforms how we engage with educational content, providing platform-agnostic connectivity- anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

What sets Chorus apart is its foundation in proven pedagogical approaches. We ensure that every feature and tool is backed by sound educational principles. With a focus on Universal Design, our platform stresses the importance of making curriculum accessible for all learners.