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Manage Technology in a Connected Environment

As device usage continues to soar in the connected office, so does the need to manage your technology. The ability to remotely troubleshoot and schedule actions (such as powering off at night) makes managing your Clear Touch panels more efficient and effective.

Features & Benefits

Clear Touch Command™ 2.0 is a reliable, cloud-based software solution that comes pre-installed on all Clear Touch panels. This software gives IT departments the ability to communicate through every panel on their network, remotely schedule firmware updates, remotely disable applications, filter records, customize the wallpaper and boot screen, and more.

Easy Connectivity

Immediately access all of your Clear Touch panels via Command’s remote management tools.

Firmware Updates

Remotely schedule firmware updates to make sure your devices stay up-to-date with the latest bug patches and improvements.

Intuitive User Interface

The dashboard includes multimedia file previews, live views of the panel screens, easy-to-navigate menus, multiple view options, and more. Administrators can also filter records on all devices for quick access to what they need.

Comprehensive Usage Statistics & Monitoring

Detailed device usage monitoring and statistics enable you to perform predictive maintenance, conserve energy, and ensure your devices are running optimally.

Easy Message & Notification Sharing

Command’s built-in messaging capabilities allow you to easily communicate scrolling text messages or multimedia announcements to specific devices or across the entire network.

Emergency Response Tools

Messaging capabilities also enable you to incorporate your touchscreen devices into your emergency response planning, allowing you to easily communicate emergency notifications company-wide with a single click.

Selective App Disabling

Install applications on all panels at once and remotely disable applications from the devices where they are not needed.

Enhanced Security

Password protection and additional security options ensure access to your devices stays in the proper hands.

Customization Features

Change the wallpaper and boot screen of your Clear Touch panel all at once.

How to Control Your Panels with Command

Remote troubleshooting maximizes your IT resources, improves your response times when resolving support tickets—and keeps office disruptions to a minimum. For example, the time it takes for a technician to walk to a device’s location is time that could be spent remotely resolving the issue. This is especially useful for larger companies where a device may be located in an office on the other side of the building from IT. Command is also essential for multi-site organizations that share centralized IT resources.

Command empowers CEOs, management, and HR to easily communicate announcements, policy reminders, and emergency notifications to the entire organization. Users simply need to login, type their message, and hit “Send” to communicate a text message to every panel in the system.

1. Log in to Clear Touch Command

Open the Command control panel to see a snapshot of all device statuses and remote actions

2. Select Devices to Manage

All of your devices are displayed in an easy grid and all actions are a click away.

3. Add Users and Define Roles

Easily control access to Command and ensure control stays in the right hands with users and defined roles.

4. Manage Devices from Anywhere

With the proper settings in place, you can empower mobile management of all of your devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

App Capabilities

Command puts the control of your devices into your own hands and empowers you to maximize your technology investment.

  • Manage, troubleshoot, and update  interactive displays remotely
  • Schedule power on and off times to conserve energy
  • Easily send announcements or messages to all panels or specific devices
  • Broadcast alerts or emergency messages with a single click
  • Remotely monitor device usage and performance statistics
  • Support multimedia files up to 200 mb in size
  • Allow administrators to easily filter records on all devices
  • Would you like more information? Download our Spec Sheet here!