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Encourage Classroom Interaction

Clear Touch Collage allows students to connect and share content from multiple devices; a powerful solution for better classroom interaction.

Features & Benefits

Collage is here to change the way you collaborate in the classroom. An essential software in the Clear Touch lineup, Collage allows you to cast up to nine devices to your interactive flat panel. Gone are the days of overcomplicated and crowded screen sharing applications. Clear Touch Collage streamlines this concept, expanding upon its finest and most essential functions. This application is perfect for any presentation or education based activity, improving performance and ensuring that all information is dispensed with supreme clarity.

Wide-ranging Compatibility

A truly open architecture supports all types of devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Chromebooks. Collage also allows bi-direction touch control for Windows and Mac platforms.

Easy Connectivity

Simply download the Collage app on the connecting device and input the access code to start sharing. In addition, Collage will allow you to copy the screen of the panel to another CT panel, thus acting like a wireless HDMI splitter.

Multiple Device Sharing

Collage currently enables unlimited devices to connect and up to 9 devices, 4 of which can be Chromebooks to share simultaneously.

Intuitive User Interface

The application’s controls and interface are unbelievably easy to understand and use.

Expanded Video Control

Collage allows you to connect smartphones and tablet cameras to project video directly on-screen.

Pre-installed on Your Panel

Collage comes integrated with every Clear Touch panel.

Full Notetaking Toolset

While Collage is running, you can still access all of your panel’s native note-taking tools, enabling you to easily add annotations over connected content.

Secure Sessions

Collage allows VLAN setups and connection via wifi, with session codes that change as often as you need. Instructor permission controls give the user the ability to allow or restrict devices from connecting and sharing content.

How to Connect a Device Using Clear Touch Collage™

Clear Touch Collage™ is a powerful yet easy-to-use integrated software application that lets you cast up to nine devices to your Clear Touch panel (even allowing you to cast up to four Chromebooks). Encourage interaction and involvement, even in a classroom setting where each student has their own device. Helpful permission controls give teachers or administrators the ability to manage who is able to connect, ensuring you have the necessary ability to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

1. Open Clear Touch Collage™

Open the Collage app on your panel to display your panel’s device code.

2. Download the Collage App

For mobile devices, simply scan the QR code or go to your device’s App Store and download the Collage app. For MAC and PC, visit collage.getcleartouch.com.

3. Input the Collage Device Code

Once the app is downloaded on your tablet, phone, or computer, simply input the 6-digit code showing on the panel.

4. Start Sharing

You’re now connected and can start sharing content from your connected device!


App Capabilities

The true genius of Collage is that it is a highly compatible solution that works seamlessly with nearly all of today’s most popular devices, including iPads, Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, and Android devices. On top of that, connecting to Collage is remarkably easy to do. Simply open Collage on your Clear Touch® panel, enter the displayed access code, and you’re ready to go!

  • Download the Collage app to easily connect any device
  • Input the device code to connect and start sharing
  • Display up to 9 devices, 4 of which can be Chromebooks at once to your panel
  • Connect an unlimited amount of devices
  • Share your device’s screen or a video from a phone, tablet, computer or document camera
  • Permission mode allows the presenter to control device access
  • On the Android interface, Collage can copy the screen of the panel to another Clear Touch panel, thus acting as a wireless HDMI splitter for mirrored devices.
  • Would you like more information? Download our Spec Sheet here!

Connect from any device:

Chromebook | PC | Macbook | Android | iOS