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Create Distraction-free Meetings & Presentations

Hold your audience's attention and eliminate distractions. Clear Touch Chorus™ provides a remarkably simple solution to this all-too-common problem: a single application that incorporates unlimited live browsers, videos, streaming content, and other presentation tools into a unified whole.

Features & Benefits

This powerful application includes an infinite canvas and a live browser tool that allows users to open, mark up, and save unlimited browsers within their presentation. No more need to hyperlink, save bookmarks, or jump out of your presentation into multiple third-party applications.

Media Versatility

Chorus gives you the flexibility to add any media type into a single workspace—and open as many self-bookmarking live browsers as you want without ever leaving the application.

Distraction Free

By incorporating all of your content directly into a single canvas, you can engage your audience without unnecessary distractions.

Unlimited Space, Unlimited Canvases

Your canvas is infinite and can expand in any direction. There is no limit to how large a single canvas can be or how many canvases you can create.

Easy Content Sharing

Mark up your presentation and easily save your notes or send them to the cloud or email for future reference.

Effortless Screen Casting

Easily project video from a document camera or your tablet or phone directly onto the canvas.

Ad-Free Videos

Chorus lets you incorporate YouTube videos directly into your presentation without dealing with unwanted ads and promotions.

Connecting with Chorus is Simple

Clear Touch Chorus™ is different from anything else on the market. Chorus is our whiteboard, annotation, and presentation software—packed full of possibilities.

1. Create a Canvas

To begin building your presentation, open the Chorus software directly from your panel and create a new canvas.

2. Add Content & Media

Drag and drop all of your videos, images, web content, notes, presentation slides, and more onto the canvas.

3. Add Notes & Markups

Use the various notetaking and markup tools to enhance your presentation and easily explain concepts during a meeting.

4. Save Your Work

Save your canvas locally or directly to the cloud for easy access.

App Capabilities

Build everything within the Chorus environment and store to leading cloud services. Included is a camera tool that turns your phone or tablet into a document camera, replacing expensive, bulky hardware. You can even incorporate YouTube videos while avoiding the unwanted video ads, comments, and links to related videos. All of this ensures that your presentations are less distracting and more interactive engaging.

  • Open unlimited browsers
  • Add videos without unwanted ads and comments
  • Swipe any direction for more screen space
  • Annotate directly on the screen
  • Pull in multiple types of content
  • Share video from a phone, tablet, or document camera
  • Would you like more information? Download our Spec Sheet here!