Software Solutions for Education

Face Remote and Blended Learning Head-On

Chorus Online reimagines our original Chorus software and gives users the same experience on the web.

Features & Benefits

Chorus Online allows teachers to use an infinite whiteboard space to create and share content directly with students, all within the web environment

Media Versatility

Allows educators to create and customize online lesson activities which can be sent to students for independent practice and assessment including Instructional content, web resources, extension activates, and more.

Multiple Devices

Chorus Online can be used on any browser enabled device and integrates seamlessly with the original Chorus program.

Unlimited Space, Unlimited Canvases

Your canvas is infinite and can expand in any direction. There is no limit to how large a single canvas can be or how many canvases you can create.

Easy Content Sharing

Share your Chorus with a live, remote audience and allow access to the Chorus from the cloud.

Connecting with Chorus is Simple

Chorus™ is different from anything else on the market. Chorus is our whiteboard, annotation, and presentation software—packed full of possibilities.

1. Create a Chorus

Go to, login, and select Chorus to begin building your presentation.

2. Add Content & Media

Drag and drop all of your videos, images, web content, notes, presentation slides, and more onto the canvas.

3. Add Notes & Markups

Use the various notetaking and markup tools to enhance your presentation and easily explain concepts during a meeting.

4. Save Your Work

Save your Chorus locally or directly to the cloud for easy access on your Clear Touch® panel.