What Does Software Agnostic and Easy Connectivity Mean for Businesses?

When you work in tech—sometimes you throw jargon around, forgetting that not everyone is on the same wavelength. For instance, we like to promote the fact that Clear Touch Interactive® displays are software agnostic (sometimes also referred to as platform agnostic or technology agnostic).

More often than not, if we bring this idea up as a selling point during a demonstration, team members who aren’t in your company’s IT department just stare back at us in confusion. Software agnostic? How can a device be agnostic? What does that mean?

And, more importantly, why does it matter for your business?

Our Software Agnostic Displays Will Make You A Believer

We love great questions because they give us the chance to respond with great answers. The truth is, investing in software or platform agnostic hardware is a big deal for your company and can radically transform they way you do business. Here’s how:

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

You know those coworkers of yours who are avid Mac users and are always trying to convert everyone else? Then you have equally enthusiastic Android and PC fans and others who don’t really care…as long as it works. Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone could use whatever devices they’re most comfortable with while still being able to connect and collaborate instantly. Imagine an office that’s as interconnected and adaptable as the people who work there—that uses corporate technology that moves, adapts and grows with your business.

That’s the kind of office that our agnostic displays can help you create. Wireless connectivity and screen share capabilities mean that you can BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and participate quickly and easily.

Software & Apps Made Simple

We think that the standard software suite that comes with our interactive panels is pretty—well, sweet. With our specialty business software, users can open a virtual whiteboard and annotate over any file, set up think-tanking, ideation and video conferencing sessions, create interactive, animated presentations, record events and sessions—voice, video and board actions can be recorded together with fast editing options available right from the panel—and establish site or enterprise wide device management and support.

However, we don’t force you to use our software. Clear Touch Interactive® displays work equally well with Word, Skype, PowerPoint, Google—any presentation tool, collaboration software, conferencing system, or other business application you prefer. In addition, our familiar, cloud-based Android infrastructure makes it easy to open the app you want directly from your screen.

Avoid Networking Nightmares

Why is it that so many IT solutions really put the work in network? Complicated driver installs, running wires through walls, and constant configuration and reconfiguration. Our panels, on the other hand, are intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to install. We provide a walk-up ready platform that requires no calibration—which means our installation team can have your devices set-up and everyone trained on the same system in a matter of days. In fact, the agnostic, cloud-based hardware and software enable users to be on different networks or no network and still be able to connect and participate.

Overall, purchasing agnostic technology is a wise investment because it creates a more modern, connected office environment—one that is malleable and self-directed, responding to what your business needs, not what some developer thinks you might need.

If you are interested in scheduling an onsite demo or talking to a representative to find out more about how our software agnostic interactive displays can transform your business, contact us.