Six Ways Interactive Panels Can Transform Your Meeting

The technology we use in our offices may have changed how meetings are held over the years, but in many cases, they haven’t’ changed how much people hate having them. But just like the fact that meetings don’t have to suck to move your business forward, they also don’t take a lot to shift from pointless to profitable.

Fortunately, there are technologies available that can not only make meetings more enjoyable but can also prove a higher ROI for the company as a whole. One of those technologies—interactive panels—provides a variety of meeting benefits through one product offering.

Here are a few ideas for how an interactive panel can transform your meeting, based on Clear Touch Interactive® new 6000U Series panel:

Need more interaction in your meetings?

Meetings can seem so one-sided, but with a Clear Touch Interactive® panel, the trainer can post a question and request an audience response, take a quick poll for understanding, or display a diagram and ask attendees to label it from their seats or at the panel. DisplayNote keeps everyone on the same page and lets everyone chime in.

Want a presentation that packs a punch?

With easy connectivity from outside devices, you can add movement, collaboration, and active participation to your presentations or meetings without the hassle of returning to the interactive display to switch inputs or interact with your content. And with a full suite of built-in software suites, or access to other third-party applications of your choosing, there’s no need to be locked into a specific program.

Interested in a real-time, real-life feel?

Distance doesn’t have to be a big deal—you can record meetings, create video training sessions, and prepare other video content with our interactive panels and integrated panoramic camera accessories. The camera’s plug-and-play technology doesn’t require any complicated software or driver installs and provides a true panoramic video with streams from three imagers.

Need a collaborative feel between meeting leaders and attendees?

There’s no need for some team members to sit on the sidelines. Instead, use Nodes and Zones in Snowflake, along with 20 points of touch to have your team directly interact with the panel during ideation sessions. Our displays feature a smooth-glide surface that is over 99% accurate without calibration and responds to touch in milliseconds, so there is no lag while team members jot down ideas.

Want to control displays from your own device?

Clear Touch Interactive® panels feature multiple USB ports and HDMI inputs, as well as HDMI outputs. Utilize our built-in wireless and connect with any external device, or mirror Mac, PC, IOS and android devices through built-in screen share capabilities. This allows you to have one at a time sharing on the board as well as wireless manipulation of audio, video and touch without leaving your chair.

Want to disseminate info quickly to your whole office?

There’s an easier way than that old company memo—instead, you can manage all of the Clear Touch Interactive® displays in your system, all from your own computer, sending information organization-wide at the touch of a button—your message will display on every interactive panel in your network simultaneously.

For more details on the 6000U Series and how interactive displays can transform your office, check out our interactive panel for business.