PTZ Camera: Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

The RL400 PTZ camera was just selected by the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence. Our camera was recognized for its capability, innovation, and merit in the secondary education category. We are oftentimes awarded and recognized for our panels but this time, it is one of our cameras! This award backs the quality and diversity of our product catalog. Every one of our products holds the same care and appreciation as the next. This award is more proof of our commitment to our users.


This Ultra HD camera is a perfect solution for those looking to get the most out of their remote/virtual presentation space. With full body tracking features and 20x optical zoom, the RL400 further maximizes the potential of the virtual experience. Effective in low light situations, this is a tool designed to key in on the focus of the presentation and drive home the desired message with clarity. A wide variety of programmed presets allow this device to switch between styles and modes, giving it an edge over the competition in terms of versatility.


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