Professional DevelopmentWorkshops


    Unsure of where to begin when you receive your new Clear Touch® panels? We’ve got you covered.

    Our Professional Development workshops are designed to let teachers connect this cutting-edge technology to their daily classroom practices—and have some fun in the process.

    The Clear Touch® Professional Development (PD) team is composed of former educators with a combined 50+ years of experience. We understand the educational benefits of new technology, as well as the practical frustrations that may come with the task of using it for the first time. Designed with Android technology and optional built-in PC capabilities, our walk-up ready panels feel familiar from the start, which helps shorten the traditional learning curve. During each session, attendees engage in hands-on activities and participate in cooperative learning groups where they can share ideas for classroom application and best practices.

    When you purchase your Clear Touch® panels, booking a one-day, on-site PD workshop is an excellent way to help your team learn to use the technology effectively. In addition to these in-person workshops, we provide access to online training courses through Clear Touch® Academy, an excellent resource for teachers who may need further assistance.

      Our workshops include the following:


      Since every session is customized to specific district curriculum initiatives and classroom workflows, attendees who complete the PD workshop will be able to:

      • Analyze and describe best practices for student collaboration
      • Create an activity to use with their students


      Each session enhances learning and retention by offering Pair/Share collaboration and brainstorming activities such as:

      • Hands-on practice via role-playing teacher/student scenarios
      • Cooperative learning through practical classroom application scenarios
      • Creation and practice of an actual student activity
      • Create an activity to use with their students


      To ensure a positive experience for everyone, PD workshops require the following:

      • Designated contact person for all PD preparation calls and logistics
      • Maximum of 15 attendees per session
      • Clear Touch® panel(s) available for use
      • Software accounts set up and activated before the workshop


      A variety of helpful resources will be available before and after the session, including the following:

      • Online tutorials and product orientation videos
      • Access to the Clear Touch® Academy
      • Periodic follow up by the Clear Touch® PD Team

      Workshops are activities-based and hands-on with a focus on classroom application.

      Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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      As experienced educators themselves, our team understands how teachers learn best. We understand what it takes to communicate high-tech information in a way that connects with educational professionals, and we’re good at it.

      See what other teachers are saying about our workshop:

      “I enjoyed the balance between discussion, hands-on, and interactive.”

      — Teacher in Monroe County, Florida

      “Brilliant trainer with a great sense of humor who was also very helpful!”

      — Teacher in Walton County, Florida

      “Trainers were engaging and well-schooled in their product. Very enjoyable!”

      — Teacher in Forsyth County, Georgia