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Professional Development
Training Programs

Learn from the best. Our Implementation team is comprised of former educators and technicians with a combined 50+ years of teaching experience. We understand the benefits of using new technology in the classroom and want to help you integrate it into your pedagogy and instructional design.

Development Courses

Online Launch Orientation

The Online Launch Orientation Course is designed for staff in organizations that are implementing Clear Touch® panels for the first time. In this one-time live online session, a Clear Touch® specialist will give a personalized overview of our cutting-edge technology solutions.

Course Objectives

• Understand Essential panel operation and hardware basics

• Learn to use the panel to access and deliver existing content

• Preview Clear Touch® software solutions


Development Courses

Online Custom Coaching

The Online Custom Coaching Course includes opportunities to address the unique needs of participants, providing a high level of individualization. This is intended for teachers looking to integrate the hands-on, student-centered learning opportunities provided by Clear Touch® Interactive Panels.

Course Objectives

• Practice skills using customized session content

• Discuss ideas for classroom integration

• Learn tips for student-centered learning activities

Development Courses

Onsite Trainer Certification

The Onsite Trainer Certification workshop is a three-day onsite or virtual course designed for up to 15 participants. This hands-on, comprehensive workshop is targeted towards key people in the organization who will support and deliver ongoing professional development within the district to build capacity for that organization.

Course Objectives

Understand Hardware and panel operation

Develop in-depth knowledge of software solutions

Draft a Professional Development plan to provide turn-key support


Development Courses

Full-Day Customized Training

Once you purchase Clear Touch panels, booking a one-day (6 hour) Professional Development Workshop will provide your team with the knowledge needed to use their new technology effectively. During each customizable training session, attendees will engage in pedagogy-focused hands-on activities and learning groups designed to share ideas and best practices for implementing Clear Touch technology into specific district curriculum initiatives and classroom workflows.

Course Objectives

Understand how the Clear Touch Solution fills classroom needs

Strategize Clear Touch technology integration

Collaborate with peers on best practices using the Clear Touch Solution

Additional Resources

Clear Touch® provides multiple ways to learn how to get the most out of your interactive panel. Here are a few to get you started on your journey to becoming panel expert!

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