6000A+ Interactive Panel for Education

Transform Your Classrooms

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Meet The Ultimate Interactive Display

Introducing the 6000A+ series panels, the first EDLA-Certified Interactive Panels for education. With a sleek design, a powerful Android 13 OS, and a range of connectivity options, the 6000A+ series panels are easy to integrate with your existing devices and platforms. They also come with Clear Touch's award-winning software suite, which includes tools for collaboration, annotation, presentation, and gamification.

The 6000A+ series panels are more than just interactive displays. They are the ultimate solution for enhancing learning and engagement in any educational setting. Available in 65" and 75" size options, the 6000A+ series is one of the most versatile and powerful learning tools on the market.

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Up to 40 Points of Touch

4K UHD Resolution

Built-in WiFi Module

Android 13 OS

2.2 Sound Channel
with Built-in Microphone

Optimized for Sound and Sight

The 6000A+ provides clear and immersive sound that can be heard by everyone in the room, even if they are sitting in the back. The top-oriented 2.2 sound bar ensures that sound is projected evenly throughout the room so everyone can hear clearly. A built-in 6-microphone array and convenient USB port for camera connection is ideal for a variety of applications, such as presentations, video conferencing, and distance learning.


Bring Your Favorite Apps with Google EDLA

The 6000A+ series interactive flat panel is the first in the industry to achieve EDLA certification native to the panel itself -- no need for additional hardware. Google EDLA provides panels with more security features, more app integrations, and more connectivity than ever before.

Educators can access native Google applications such as Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Google Meet. Expand your possibilities with the Google Play Store and its vast library of educational apps, productivity tools, and more -- accessible right from the panel. Administrators have access to a number of security features, such as data encryption, device management, and application management to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Whether you want to present, collaborate, or create, the 6000A+ series is the perfect choice for your classroom.

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Operate Smoother Than Ever

The 6000A+ series runs on Android 13 OS, the latest and most advanced operating system for education devices. Android 13 OS offers a range of features and benefits that make teaching and learning easier, more engaging, and more exciting.

With Android 13 OS, you can access thousands of apps from the Google Play Store, customize your home screen and settings, use voice control and gesture recognition, and enjoy seamless connectivity with other devices.

The 6000A+ series interactive flat panel is the ultimate IFP for educators who want to enhance their teaching and learning experience with the power of Android.


Connected Learning

Our Cutting-Edge
Software Suite

From connecting multiple users to troubleshooting IT issues remotely, create a versatile digital ecosystem to take collaboration to a whole new level.

Collage Real-Time

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Supercharge Learning with Additional Accessories:


Collar Microphone Kit

Collar Microphone Kit: Elevate Your Voice in Educational Settings

The Collar Microphone Kit is a professional audio solution that delivers exceptional clarity and amplification, making it ideal for educational settings. The kit includes two high-quality microphones, one collar mic adapter, and one hand-held mic adapter. The microphones wirelessly connect to the 6000A+ panel's built-in, top oriented soundbar. Both microphones can be used by two users simultaneously, so everyone can be heard loud and clear, no matter where they are in the room.

With the Collar Microphone Kit, you can:
• Improve communication and collaboration
• Enhance student engagement
• Alleviate instructor voice fatigue
• Create a more inclusive learning environment


PC Module

PC15 PC Module: The Next Level of Interactive Learning

Unlock the possibilities of your 6000A+ panel by pairing it with the PC15. This new PC Module is a desktop-grade computer designed to work seamlessly with our interactive flat panel and handle even the most intensive tasks, such as running demanding software, hosting virtual learning sessions, and displaying high-resolution images and videos.


Adjustable Mobile Stand

Adjustable Mobile v4 Stand: Achieve Equity for Everyone

The Adjustable Mobile Stand is the perfect solution for creating a more equitable learning environment. With its sturdy mobile base and 27.6" of powered height adjustment, the stand can be easily moved around and adjusted to the perfect height for any user. This ensures that everyone has equal access to the panel and can participate fully in learning activities.

Hopefully you won't need it, but just in case…

We build Clear Touch 6000A+ interactive panels to deliver exceptional performance in any educational or business setting, and we stand behind every panel by offering an automatic 3-year warranty. If you would like to protect your investment even further, our optional extended warranties have you covered.



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