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What to Consider When Creating an Implementation Strategy


Poll the team members in your IT department, and they’ll tell you—choosing the right solution for your organization is only half the battle. Or, another way to say the same thing: your plan for technology implementation is just as important as what you buy.

We understand this instinctively. After all, the most sophisticated, connective solution available is completely useless if no one in your office understands how to use it, if no one wants to use it, or if setup and maintenance is so complicated that the system goes down regularly.

The bottom line? The wrong implementation strategy can alter your organization’s ROI. The solution? Planning ahead, making installation and implementation an integral part of your purchasing decision.

What to Consider When Creating an Implementation Strategy

“For all the dollars spent by American companies on R&D, there often remains a persistent and troubling gap between the inherent value of the technology they develop and their ability to put it to work effectively.” Harvard Business Review | November, 1985

While technology, and the inherent value of technology, has developed exponentially since this HBR article was written in 1985, the gap between developing impressive technology and getting your team members to actually use it is still a challenge for IT departments and managers.

Before making your next upgrade or technology purchase, run through this implementation checklist for the best results:

Initial Installation.

The technology you purchase shouldn’t require an act of congress in order to get it working. Punching out walls, running wires, and complicated driver installations are a waste of your time and a waste of your IT department’s time. Why take on that burden when we’re happy to take it on for you? Clear Touch panels are easy-to-use, all-in-one, walk-up-ready platforms that don’t require a complicated installation process. Plus, professional installation comes as part of the purchase package. Typically, our representatives can have your system installed and ready to use in a couple days.  

Available Training & Support.

What is the training and support burden associated with purchasing this solution? Does the solution you’re looking at have any training available? If so, what kinds of

training options will you have? Online tutorials? Troubleshooting bots? Phone support? In-person training? Or, will training be left entirely to your IT team? Clear Touch is a 100% US-owned-and-operated company offering comprehensive service, training, and support. Not only do we have a ticket system for support, we also regularly release online instructional videos, offer in-person training, and have developed Clear Touch Academy for users who want to dive even deeper into everything our product can do. When you choose Clear Touch, help is always a phone call away through our dedicated technical support phone line—where you can you can talk to a live person anytime.

Warranty Options.

So you’ve made your decision and are getting ready for your big purchase—but have you thought about your warranty options? Clear Touch has an industry-leading 5-year Limited Warranty.

Repair & Maintenance Plan.  

It takes about 30 days to create a habit, but only a few days to undo one. That means that, without a reliable repair and maintenance plan, you could lose organizational buy-in when your technology goes down. Clear Touch Interactive offers quick troubleshooting and on-site repairs for issues that require a simple fix. For more complicated issues, we will trade out your panel (or your optional onboard PC module if that’s causing the problem), replacing it with a new one while we send your unit in for repairs. No matter what happens, you’ll never have to wait long before you’re up-and-running again.

Clear Touch Interactive displays can help you create a vibrant, interconnected office—while being easy to implement and freeing up your IT department. Contact us to find out more about all of the collaborative solutions we deliver for your organization.

January 11, 2018

Clear Touch Team

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