Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear clean-cut suits during the week and business casual on Friday. As a superintendent, you are one of the most important policy makers in the school system—and you are in the unique position to plan for student-centered learning, encourage teacher empowerment, and advocate for the overall growth of education in your district.

Most superintendents get into administration because they have a heart for education and want to make a lasting mark by improving education in their community. Part of the legacy that superintendents leave includes school ratings, better professional development opportunities, and more vibrant and connected classrooms. What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Changing the Face of Education

Education has changed more in the last 20 years than it did in the previous century, primarily thanks to new educational technology in the classroom. While the pace of technological changes can feel daunting, it also gives leaders the opportunity to truly look forward and make decisions that will benefit all students.

In addition to choosing the best EdTech, superintendents can implement policies and design schools that encourage student-centered learning, promote flexible classroom arrangements, and support student engagement.

Education Technology and Clear Touch

Clear Touch interactive panels are the perfect legacy to leave behind to change the game in your school system and in the classroom. They are easy to install and use and they allow for unparalleled flexibility and interactivity when lesson planning. Our preloaded software Snowflake allows for the creation of interactive graphics that contribute to the gamification of the classroom, or the use of gaming in lesson plans to increase interaction and learning.

Also, the ability to use most third party applications make our interactive displays the most versatile and evergreen on the market. Teachers can show videos, run conferences, and record their lessons to build up a library for future years.

By leaving behind a legacy, such as introducing new measures for education technology, superintendents not only make the school system better, but also impact the world through the students that they empower.

May 31, 2017

Clear Touch Team