Latest Updates to NUITEQ Snowflake

Latest updates to NUITEQ Snowflake:

With the latest updates synchronization between the NUITEQ Snowflake Lessons activities app for the desktop and is now faster and smoother than ever. Play lesson activities from the Community and they seamlessly copy “My lesson activities” under the “” tab. Teachers can also choose to download the activities for offline use by tapping the three dots at the bottom of the lesson activity thumbnail, and selecting “Download”. These activities can then be found under the “Downloaded” tab in “My lesson activities”.


Canvas becomes Chorus (desktop and web)

Desktop Single Sign-On
If you have a Microsoft or Classlink account, it’s now even simpler to sign into, if you are using the Lesson Activities app in the desktop version of NUITEQ Snowflake. Just enter your credentials and you will immediately be able to access the vast library of high-quality curriculum-aligned educational content - no need to memorize yet another password!

Delete Multiple Lesson Activities
It is now even easier to keep your “My lesson activities'' page in nice and tidy! We have added the ability to delete multiple lesson activities at the same time.

Review Progress Interface
In the "Review Progress" page, long student names will now take up multiple lines to improve visibility. Also now, by hovering over a student’s name, teachers will be able to see the full name of that student.

Bug fixes and improvements
Also we fixed a number of small bugs and made further improvements, such as image optimization of older lesson activities, to make your experience even more seamless and fun.

Improved support for audio
We have now improved our support for the audio that can be added to content in the NUITEQ Snowflake Lesson Activities app. Adding audio to lesson activities helps make content more accessible to students and follows the Universal Design for Learning’s guidelines.


Faster user experience (UX)
Additionally users visiting in the US will now have an even faster UX, as is now running all its data from servers in the US for these users, whereas previously a part of the data was coming from US servers.

Improved UX
We also improved the UX on the explore page by making the countries and language selection drop-down menus have fewer and more relevant options.

Improved user interface (UI)
We improved’s UI by making the filter drop-down menus wider. We also fixed an issue that caused the selected language to not display correctly after signing in.

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