Interactive Panels for Business

Clear Touch® Interactive Panels:
Enhance Collaboration and Productivity.


Clear Touch® interactive panels are the perfect way to enhance collaboration and productivity in your business. Our panels are designed to support multiple users and tasks, and our integrated software makes it easy to share information, collaborate on projects, and give presentations.






6000A+ Interactive Flat Panel Series

Provide an immersive experience with 4K resolution, up to 40 points of touch, a built-in top-oriented sound bar and microphone array, and a convenient camera USB port location.

Easily integrate it with your existing devices and platforms with the panel's sleek design, Google applications and Play Store access, powerful Android 13 OS, and a range of connectivity options.

Transform your workspace into a dynamic and collaborative office environment with Clear Touch’s award-winning software suite, which includes tools for collaboration, annotation, and presentation. Add the Adjustable Mobile Stand to increase equity for all users.


6000K+ Interactive Flat Panel Series

Enjoy 4K Ultra HD resolution with brilliant clarity from every angle on the 86" screen.

Call it a packaged deal! Everything is in the box including a built-in sound bar and subwoofer, WiFi module, a USB-C cable, and a wall mount with pre-installed brackets.

The K+ features our fastest processor yet, a crisper image from all angles, and a thinner body that is just as tough as always.

7000XT Interactive Flat Panel Series

Present in perfect clarity with HD Resolution on 43", 65", and 86" screens.

Interact precisely with up to 40 points of simultaneous capacitive touch and 10 points of writing. The panel’s screen detects pressure, allowing users to draw thin or thick lines.

Collaborate, brainstorm, and create in a whole new way by pairing with a Mini or Convertible Mobile stand that can transform the panel from upright to drafting or tabletop mode.


7000XE Interactive Flat Panel Series

Interact precisely with up to 20 points of simultaneous capacitive touch and 10 points of writing.
The panel’s screen detects pressure, allowing users to draw thin or thick lines.


All Clear Touch Interactive Panels Include:

Annotation Capability

Annotate on the panel's screen to clarify and emphasize content, or let students interact with their lesson to personalize and engage with their learning.

Collage Screencasting Software

Share devices to the panel wirelessly, without the need for cables or adapters. Cast up to 9 devices at a time to show videos, presentations, or other multimedia content.

On-Screen Utilities

Use tools like Spotlight, Stopwatch, Timer, and Screenshot during lessons to direct attention, control activity duration, save content for later, and more.

Chorus Digital Whiteboard Software

Collaborate, present, and train more effectively. Import multiple types of media and unlimited live web browsers all in one place.

Screen Controls

Options to freeze the screen, lock the touch function, and lock the power button allow presenters to maintain control of the meeting and provide a more focused environment.

Command Panel Management Software

Administrators can manage their Clear Touch panels remotely, including software and firmware updates, emergency broadcasts, announcements, media casting, and more.

Cloud Drive Storage

Easily save and upload your annotations to Cloud Drive. This annotated content can be shared with colleagues for review or used to create presentations.

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