Work is crazy for everybody, but when you’re a teacher, there’s a whole different level of insanity that follows that first bell ring.

We get you. So in the lines of “it’s better to laugh about it than cry”, we’ve created a list of the Top 9 things about “If you’re a teacher, then you know….” specifically about the start of the school year, showing the most memorable things about those first few weeks—from your point of view.

1. Germs. So. Many. Germs

2. But can we talk about how well you sleep now?

3. And somehow, everyone forgot everything they ever learned. In their life.

4. So, you end up repeating yourself. All the time.

5. You know what never stops? Fidget Spinners, that new rap song….and all the other trends you get to see every minute of every day

6. So you immediately start looking forward to the Little Things

7. When someone tells you that they’d “love a job with Part Time Hours”

8. Then you remember, you only have 179 days left to go….

9. But for those 179 days….you’ll put everything you’ve got into being the best teacher they’ve ever had.

You don’t get enough credit for everything you do, so from us here at Clear Touch™ to you teachers, THANK YOU.

September 1, 2017

Clear Touch Team