How to Find Room in Your Budget for New Corporate Technology

Investing in new corporate technology is always a balancing act—between what’s necessary and what would be nice to have, as well as between where your organization is currently and where you think or hope you’ll be in the next five to ten years. You want to plan for success, but you don’t want to overbuy or end up stuck with outdated technology. No one wants to sign off on a huge outlay of capital for technology that doesn’t meet company needs in the long-run.

That’s where multi-functional, bundled interactive hardware and software solutions can be a smart investment for your company. For example, Clear Touch Interactive® panels are walk-up ready, software agnostic platforms that are easily adaptable to whatever office configuration you like and can expand as your organization grows. 

Plus, with a low total cost of ownership and a high, quickly realizable ROI, we’ve discovered that most businesses can find room in their five-year budget to update their office tech with Clear Touch™. Here are our top three P&L line items where our clients see a return on their investment almost immediately.

Clear Touch™ ROI

Business Travel. If you are part of a large national or international corporation, this is one line item on your budget where you’ll see an immediate return on your investment. We understand that, sometimes, people need to be in the room together to make stuff happen. But, many times, they don’t. Our exclusive business software and accessories make remote connectivity and video conferencing possible—and often preferable. DisplayNote, for instance, allows companies to wirelessly connect attendees, both in the room and remotely, from whatever device they choose, doing away with the need for a separate suite of video collaboration tools. The optional integrated PanaCast® 2s video camera features a natural, real-time video stream that enables remote connectivity and seamless video conferencing at the press of a button.

The Bottom Line?  If you save two or three business trips by choosing to host virtual meetings instead, then your interactive displays have paid for themselves.

Installation, Troubleshooting, and IT. Often, when you first buy new corporate technology, you’ve only just begun paying for it. You then have to pay for installation, getting everyone set up on the same network, additional software subscriptions, and IT troubleshooting, costing your company both time and money. Clear Touch™ panels feature out-of-the-box functionality that doesn’t require a network, and our simple installation process can have you up and running in a matter of days. Plus, we can bundle all associated costs, including business accessories and installation, through our Clear Touch Capital™ program.

The Bottom Line? Simple, streamlined installation and troubleshooting, in addition to flexible financing options, can significantly cut down on the cost of ownership.

Adapters and New Devices. Some collaboration software requires individual licenses or only works on certain kinds of devices. On the other hand, many devices only work with certain software or require complicated configuration, using adapters, wires, and networking solutions in order to connect to other devices. Our panels are both software agnostic and platform agnostic—which means you can easily connect, screen share, manipulate content, and collaborate from any device without wires or adapters.

The Bottom Line? Don’t buy all new devices, adapter cords, or separate software licenses just so you can use your new hardware. Look for BYOD, cross-platform collaboration technology to save a bundle.

In addition to saving on hard costs, such as airline tickets, software subscriptions, and per diems, companies who partner with Clear Touch® realize many intangible benefits as well, including greater employee engagement and greater productivity.

If you’d like to schedule an onsite demo or talk to a Clear Touch™ representative to find out how our panels can save your business time and money, Contact Us.