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Interactive Displays That Propel Education to New Heights

Clear Touch® is a US-owned and operated company committed to providing interactive displays that combine cutting-edge hardware with comprehensive software in order to create a simple, flexible, all-in-one educational technology solution that supports and enhances the classroom experience. As a South Carolina-based company, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges facing educators in our region. We are excited about working together with you, our southern neighbors, to take interactive education to the next level.

Clear Touch® displays are designed to be versatile, working equally well for all ages and grade levels and all types of learning objectives. Teachers tell us that our panels serve as a collaborative, classroom hub and that they regularly use them at the front of the classroom for teacher-led, whole class discussion, as a tabletop learning center for early finishers, as an intuitive tool for student-led presentations, and in many other creative applications.

Clear Touch® installs thousands of classroom solutions every year—from single-school installations of a handful of panels to district-wide installations that require hundreds of panels, wall mounts, adjustable mobile stands, and other supporting accessories. Our goal with every classroom technology integration we perform and every innovation we develop is the same: To make life easier for educators and to make the classroom more engaging for more students.

A Connection Worth Seeking

At Clear Touch®, we believe innovative technology has the power to promote effective communication between teachers and students. To enhance the collaborative learning experience, our interactive panels offer:





Licensing Fees

No Additional

Once your panels are installed, you’re ready to do what you do best—connect with your students.

“What I love about Clear Touch® is that we’ve been able to start small and build on our program. I’ve been able to add panels as I am able rather than having to come up with a big budget proposal or write a huge grant. We can always find a little money in our annual budget for a couple panels.”

Jason Atkinson
Chief Technology Officer for
Bladen County School District

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“I’m starting to see more student-centered activities around the panels. Instead of teachers just standing and lecturing all day, they’re letting students go and learn on their own. The result is a powerful one.”

Michelle Burke
Instructional Technology Specialist for Madrid-Waddington Central School District

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