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My panel just arrived, where do I even start?

Congratulations! You’ve received your brand new Clear Touch® interactive panel. I’m sure you have several questions such as, “How do I start using my panel?” or even “What panel do I have?”. No worries, the Clear Touch® team has you covered! Select the panel below that looks most like yours and we’ll guide you through the basics to get your panel up and running.

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We Make It Real Simple.


6000U Series

I’m the one with three USB ports on the front and am older and wiser. Let’s connect.

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6000K Series

I may look like the 6000U but it’s what’s inside me that counts. You can tell me apart by seeing the two USB ports on the right side and “Interact Differently” tattooed on me.

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7000X Series

I am sleek with smooth edges like an iPhone (but better) and do not feature any buttons onthe front. Don’t worry though, I am easy toget to know.

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