Clear Touch Interactive Display

Quick Start Guides

we believe Technology should be easy to use.

Would you like to view a quick start guide for your school or for your business? Choose one below. 

For Education

Quick Start Guide For Schools

Turn a classroom into a collaboration station in a snap! View our quick start guide specifically designed for teachers, administrators, and school IT departments. Learn how to quickly and easily set up your interactive display, get the most out of our educational software suite, connect external devices to your smart panel, and much more.

View our Education Quick Start Guide

For Businesses

Quick Start Guide For Businesses

Turn your presentations into unforgettable experiences. Our corporate quick start guide is geared to give business people the tools, tips, and resources they need to do their job the best they can. Learn how to use your Clear Touch Interactive display for video conferencing, team collaboration sessions, corporate presentations, and much more.

View our Business Quick Start Guide