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Beyond the Textbook: Project Based Learning

How do we get students to truly engage in their work? Is there a framework that inspires them while adhering to the intended curriculum and course goals? We believe that there absolutely is. Meet the Project Based Learning Model. Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in […]

ISTE Best of Show: Press Release

Clear Touch wins ISTE: Best of Show Awards Clear Touch has taken home the ISTE Best of Show Award! We nominated our very own 8086MAX and won big! However, we didn’t just nominate the MAX. We also submitted our all-new FUZE™ Cart, which also won! The FUZE™ is a part of our brand new Clear […]

Infocomm Best of Show: Press Release

Clear Touch wins Infocomm: Best of Show  Clear Touch has won the Infocomm: Best of Show Award 2022! Our very own 8086MAX was recognized for its innovation and impact in the technology field. Our team was on site, exhibiting at this year’s Infocomm. We were astounded to hear that we were successful among a very […]

EdTech Breakthrough: Press Release

Clear Touch wins EdTech Breakthrough Awards  Clear Touch has been awarded by Ed Tech Breakthrough as 2021 “Early Childhood Education Solution of the Year”! Our leading product for this category was the 7043XE Interactive Panel and our Mini Convertible Stand. The all-in-one early education learning tool. The fastest and most reliable interactive panel on the […]

The Right Sized Box

Structure matters in a working or learning environment. This is an important idea to explore for student entrepreneurs and educators looking to reinforce productive problem solving practices. The well known term “think outside the box” is one that is often associated with innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving. These traits are commonly exhibited by nearly […]

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design forLearning Universal Design for Learning: An educational framework that is designed to meet the needs of all students. As methodology and practices in education continue to evolve, it is important for educators to adapt. The mental framework of students has changed. Each year students enter school with more advanced digital literacy skills, and […]

Clear Touch Messaging

Clear Touch Messaging Hello and thank you to those who have supported Clear Touch in our goal to evolve classroom technology and collaboration. We encourage you to share your experiences and help to build our growing community of educators and enthusiasts. Who is Clear Touch? Clear Touch, headquartered in Greenville, SC, is a leading US […]

Familiarity: Incorporating Games in the Classroom

Familiarity: Incorporating Games in the Classroom Engaging content has a place in the modern classroom now more than ever. If history has taught us anything, it is that those who evolve will often yield the most successful outcome. The days of traditional learning are losing their merit. The educational landscape has changed. Children in the […]

PTZ Camera: Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

The RL400 PTZ camera was just selected by the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence. Our camera was recognized for its capability, innovation, and merit in the secondary education category. We are oftentimes awarded and recognized for our panels but this time, it is one of our cameras! This award backs the quality and diversity […]

Adapting with Digital Learning Tools

The Will to Adapt Some adults struggle with the “complications” of modern technology. It’s a comedic trope for students nowadays. Many of their parents and close elders struggle to use technology that seems so easy for their younger counterparts. The explanation for this is fairly simple. Millennials and those considered Gen Z have grown up […]