The Clear Touch®
Commitment to Quality

Clear Touch® cares deeply about quality, which is why we’re also concerned about product safety and reliability. We’re proud of our industry-leading DOA failure rate (under 1%), and we work hard to develop innovative products that our customers can use with confidence.


Built with Quality. Tested for Safety

As part of our commitment to quality, the 6000 series Clear Touch® panels also undergo rigorous safety testing from Underwriter Laboratories—which is the leading consumer safety certification laboratory. Our UL Certification mark means that customers know that the product they’re receiving is a high-quality, durable product that is guaranteed to operate safely. We’re proud to have received UL Certification in the United States and UL Certification in Canada.

What Makes UL Certification Better Than Other Safety Certifications?

United Laboratories is the leading certification laboratory in the world, and UL Certification is the gold standard of safety certifications—involving a lengthy, comprehensive, and costly testing process.

Unlike other, easier-to-obtain safety certifications, the UL Certification requires that each component in the product be tested individually to ensure that it operates correctly and that it meets all safety requirements. In addition, Underwriter Laboratories tests specifically for longevity and durability, which typically includes testing under adverse conditions such as heat, cold, and UV exposure.

Finally, Underwriter Laboratories guarantees ongoing product safety for already-certified products by conducting unannounced, unscheduled visits to manufacturers, re-evaluating products to make sure that they continue to maintain their quality and safety standards. Any change in product design also requires a rigorous re-certification process which involves either using all components that have already been tested and certified or re-testing the entire product.

When you see the UL Certification mark on a product, you can rest assured that every component of the product was thoroughly tested by a disinterested, third party organization dedicated to ensuring consumer safety.