Software Solutions for Education

Interactive Learning Software Solutions

Interactive learning solutions. Snowflake, Canvas, Collage and Command all come bundled with the purchase of your panel! There are no additional fees associated with data storage or ongoing subscriptions. Explore the capabilities of our innovative classroom software below.


Collaborative in the Classroom with Collage

Connect up to 6 student devices at once

Make lesson notes on-screen

Control applications with ease

Stream video from connected devices


Manage Panels Remotely With Command

Schedule software updates automatically

Broadcast school-wide messages instantly

Enhance emergency notifications

Monitor up-to-the-minute usage statistics

Snowflake copy@2x

Increase Student Involvement with Snowflake

Save on-screen notes for future reference

Build customized interactive lessons

Boost interaction with multi-zone & tabletop modes

Connect with a vibrant online community


Expand the Whiteboard Experience with Canvas

Sketch notes & diagrams on an infinite whiteboard

Incorporate unlimited web browsers

Integrate video content with ease

Store lessons & presentations in the cloud