A Full Suite of

Intuitive Educational Software Without Subscriptions

Our interactive displays feature easy-to-use tools such as Canvas for on-screen writing and slideshows. If you prefer to keep using familiar programs such as PowerPoint, you can do that too—the panels work well with multiple systems, and you’re free to choose what works best for you.

Clear Touch® interactive panels come fully equipped with our premier suite of educational software. Easy to learn and use, our software only requires a single training session to teach to your staff. And with no commitments and no subscriptions, our software is an affordable option.

Use Canvas to draw diagrams and present slideshows, or Snowflake to create animations. Collage lets you connect wirelessly to tablets and other devices. For administrators, Command keeps all displays on the same system for simple troubleshooting and effortless group communication.

Hugh Lee

Instructional Technology Facilitator, Davie County High School

“One of the things we recognized very early was the benefit of the software tools embedded on the panel. Clear Touch® distinguished itself and rose to the top of the list quickly because of all of the things that the teachers could do and how easily they could do them, especially compared to the rooms that had interactive projectors or regular flat panel TVs. The tech department stood ready to help in the experimental rooms, and we almost never got calls from the Clear Touch® rooms. I think we got one or two calls during the entire process.”