EdTech Disrupts Tutoring Model

EdTech Disrupts Tutoring World

EdTech Company Paper Disrupts The Standard Tutoring Model

Can you imagine a world with tutoring at no cost to students? That's the world that Philip Cutler imagines. And that's the world he makes possible with his company Paper. Paper is an EdTech company currently disrupting the tutoring model. Cutler and his partner Roberto Cipriani founded Paper, an educational support system. Philip researched the educational technology market and found that there was no commercial solution for every student. Paper overcomes the roadblock of equity. And it does this through Paper's B2B (business to business) model. By contracting with school districts at a fixed price they can offer their service at no cost to students, families, or teachers.


Here is a basic breakdown of the company according to Forbes.com:

"Based in Montreal, the academic support platform operates in the U.S., notably along the Californian coast. With over 2,000 professional and multilingual tutors, it reaches nearly 2.5 million students of all grade levels in over 200 subjects across North America.

The tutor team is made up of college students, doctoral candidates, and teachers committed to furthering their learning and professional development. When not working, these tutors review the sessions of others to provide them with feedback."

Social Impact

COVID-19 had a severe impact on education. As a result, the educational technology sector is booming. Not only do students need technology to aid in learning, but teachers need technology to aid in teaching as well. And the pandemic only exacerbated an already growing divide in the inequality of remote learning. Companies like Paper and Clear Touch work to try to overcome this and other educational barriers.

Clear Touch And Educational Equity

Clear Touch is committed to designing technology that aids in education and accessibility. Interactive flat panels create a tactile and visual learning experience not limited by language. And our mobile stands are made fully adjustable with accessibility in mind. We understand the pertinence of equal access when it comes to education. Not only do we offer educational technology, but also cutting edge software like Snowflake. If you'd like to learn more about Clear Touch's panels or software suite, request a demo today!

More about Clear Touch
Clear Touch, headquartered in Greenville, SC, is a leading US global manufacturer of interactive touch panels and accessories as well as digital signage displays and solutions for education, government, and business. Clear Digital is our affiliate brand that specializes in digital signage solutions. For more information, visit our websites: getcleartouch.com  |  getcleardigital.com | getclearpower.com

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