Clear Touch® Interactive Panels:

A Worthwhile District-Level Investment

Clear Touch® interactive panels were created with school districts in mind. Unlike projectors and interactive whiteboards, Clear Touch® panels quickly pay for themselves. Clear Touch® panels come with a full suite of educational software tools without expensive software subscriptions, operate on an efficient power budget, and often do not require ongoing maintenance costs, such as bulb replacements and calibrations.


Non-Subscription Software Tools


Efficient Power Budget


Minimal Ongoing Maintenance Costs

Easy one-day training

District-Level Communication & Monitoring

The ability to communicate and monitor technology usage in the classroom at a district-level empowers administrators and district officials to make data-driven, informed decisions on improving the quality of their educational experience and the use of classroom technology. Simple-to-understand dashboards and Command access give you an at-a-glance look at how your classroom technology is performing and being used as well as the opportunity to post text based messages directly on screen—useful for routine and emergency communication. Our solution enables support to see what’s on the teacher’s screen for efficient diagnostics and instant feedback.

clear touch interactive panels for school districts


Technology & Timelines

When you order our product, you get the latest and greatest in interactive panel technology. All Clear Touch® interactive panels are made to order—which means that your machines were manufactured just for you, and have not been sitting in a warehouse collecting dust. This insures that you get the best and latest Clear Touch® interactive panel innovation. We understand the need to quickly rollout technology upgrades on your timelines. We work with partners nationwide to be sure you receive your product and help you install it so that your classrooms are upgraded according to your timeline needs.


Proven Reputation for Quality

Quality goes beyond the components. We understand that you’re looking for solutions not just another big expensive gadget. We think through the details of how our software and hardware interact, and how you want to use them today and in the future. Our displays deliver only the best in quality, performance, and technical capabilities.

Janie Pena

Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction for Weslaco ISD

“The displays are so intuitive and the training and set-up is so easy. Our teachers love the panels and took to them right away; they’re using them to start their mornings with music or mini-lessons about the days of the week. Or to establish a routine where the students sign in when they enter the classroom. The panels free the teachers up at the beginning of the day to interact with their students one-on-one and build rapport. Any teacher who works with young children understands what a blessing this extra time can be.”