Clear Touch® Interactive Panels

The Ideal Alternative
to Classroom Projectors

Student Interaction

Better student interaction

No more dark classrooms or hard-to-see images. Clear Touch® interactive panels feature Ultra HD display, meaning the image is crystal-clear even with the lights on. Twenty simultaneous touch points mean multiple students can interact with the board at once, and a high-fidelity sound system makes it easy to hear audio throughout the classroom.

clear touch interactive panels student engagement

All-in-one system

No more having to share teacher laptops with students. Clear Touch® interactive screens allow you to show videos, use mobile apps or pull up documents from your computer or other devices—all on one high-definition screen. These panels have nine available inputs and integrate with:

  • Apple TV
  • Document Camera
  • DVD Player / VCR / TV Tuner
  • Laptop
  • Chomebook
  • iPad (via HDMI cable or wireless connection)
Time & Cost Savings

Efficient maintenance

Clear Touch® interactive panels are easier and less expensive to maintain than most traditional systems:

  • No expensive bulbs or filters
  • No drivers or calibration
  • Low power consumption (< 650 watts in standard mode)
  • Service life of 50,000+ hours (25+ years of instructional use)

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Clear Touch® interactive screens are great for individual classrooms and are an effective solution for entire schools.

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Sheri Styczen

Director of Technology for Sunset Ridge

“There were all kinds of problems and unanticipated downtime with interactive projectors. The bulbs didn’t really last, and we had to install speakers and connect to teacher laptops with various cords. Even worse, since there are so many moving parts, it was difficult to figure out what wasn’t working when something wasn’t working. We had to use trial and error, which ate up a lot of class time.”