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Manage Technology in the Connected Classroom from One Central Location

As device usage continues to skyrocket in the classroom, so does the need to manage all of these devices. The ability to remotely communicate through every panel on your network, troubleshoot, monitor and stream content is a requirement for efficient and effective device management. With Clear Touch Command™, remotely managing your Clear Touch® panels has never been so easy!

Clear Touch Command™ is a reliable, cloud-based software solution that gives IT departments and school administrators the ability to communicate through every panel on their network, remotely troubleshoot their panels, monitor device usage statistics, set power savings modes, and stream content without additional hardware.

Remote troubleshooting is ideal for maximizing your IT resources and improving response times to issues—as well as minimizing classroom disruptions. For example, the time it takes for a technician to walk to a device’s location is time that could be spent remotely resolving the issue. This is especially useful for larger schools where a device may be located in a classroom on the other side of the building from IT or a school district that shares centralized IT resources.

Command empowers school administrators to easily communicate announcements, policy reminders, and emergency notifications to the entire school or district. Administrators simply need to login, type their message, and hit “Send” to communicate a text message to panels.

Additionally, Command’s device usage statistics and automatic action scheduling enable schools to closely monitor their energy usage and maximize each device’s lifespan by scheduling automatic powering on and off of devices. This means no more accidentally leaving a device powered on overnight or over a weekend!

Finally, Command acts as a digital decoder, saving $300 per classroom by allowing teachers to stream approved channels directly onto the panel without expensive third-party hardware. For additional convenience, Command also lets teachers store school approved channels in their panel’s menu and access them with just the touch of a button.

Simply put, Command puts the control of your devices into your hands and empowers you to maximize your technology investment.

Features and Benefits

Easy Connectivity

Immediately access all of your Clear Touch® panels via Command’s remote management tools.

Automatic Scheduling of Events

Command gives you powerful automatic action scheduling for deploying updates during off-hours or automatically powering devices on or off.

Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive dashboard eliminates any confusion around managing your devices, empowering you to command your panels with confidence.

Enhanced Security

Password protection and additional security options ensure access to your devices stays in the proper hands.

Easy Message and Notification Sharing

Command’s built-in messaging capabilities allow you to easily communicate text or image messages and announcements to specific devices or across the entire network.

Emergency Response Tools

Messaging capabilities also enable you to incorporate your touchscreen devices into your emergency response planning, allowing you to easily communicate emergency notifications school-wide with a single click.

Pre-installed on Every Device

Command comes pre-installed on every device and is configured during installation, allowing you to easily integrate new devices into your existing processes without additional cost.

Comprehensive Usage Statistics and Monitoring

Detailed device usage monitoring and statistics enable you to perform predictive maintenance, conserve energy, and ensure your devices are running optimally.

Full-Service Support

US-based support services and automatic updates as well as installation assistance is available.

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Digital Decoder

Broadcast live and pre-recorded video streams with ease and embed those same streams as channels saved in your panel’s pop-up menu.

How to Control Your Panels with Command

1. Log in to Clear Touch Command

Open the Command control panel to see a snapshot of all device statuses and remote actions.

2. Select Which Devices to Manage

All of your devices are displayed in an easy grid and all actions are a click away.

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3. Set Permission Levels for Various Users

Easily control access to Command and ensure control stays in the right hands with user permissions.

4. Manage Devices from Anywhere

With the proper settings in place, you can empower mobile management of all of your devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Command App Capabilities

  • Manage and troubleshoot your interactive displays remotely
  • Schedule power on and off times to save money and conserve energy
  • Easily send announcements or messages to your whole device network
  • Broadcast alerts or emergency messages with a single click
  • Remotely monitor device usage and performance statistics
  • Acts as a digital decoder, removing the need for a third party device