Greenville, S.C. – Clear Touch Interactive®, a leading provider of multi-touch interactive flat panels for education, business and government, recently announced the launch of Clear Touch Capital™, a new suite of financial products for Clear Touch customers. Through Clear Touch Capital, customers have options including fixed-payment, fixed loans and lease structures. In addition to taxable loans and operational leases, Clear Touch finances tax-exempt municipal loans, making Clear Touch a single stop for interactive flat panel solutions and financing for schools, school districts, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Loan terms start at 24 months, and also allow for skipped payments and seasonal payments so customers can match repayment plans to fiscal year constraints.

Clear Touch Capital also allows customers the ability to finance directly for interactive flat panels and accessories (such as stands and PC modules), as well as roll up other critical related components of their investment including installation, setup, training and hardware/software upgrades. Qualified customers receive a streamlined credit evaluation and approval phase (2-3 business days) and an expedited approval-to-funded phase (5-7 business days).

“The launch of Clear Touch Capital was in response to our customers expressing the need for an education-friendly funding mechanism to make critical investments into classroom technology without sacrificing other budget needs,”  said Keone Trask, president of Clear Touch Interactive®. “This positions us extremely competitively as a leading single-source partner with educators and administrators across the country to advance learning environments and help students and teachers interact differently in the 21st century.”

The launch also aggressively positions the company in the small- to mid-size business market. “Every business is different, and every business is constantly juggling decisions for investing into technology with current and future cash flow and capital needs. Clear Touch Capital allows us to craft custom solutions small business and classrooms both deserve.”


With ten simultaneous points of touch and rapid refresh rates, Clear Touch panels feature a true multi-touch design that fuels collaborative experiences in education, government and business. They are made with HD LED display technology that produces brilliant colors on an anti-glare, anti-friction tempered glass surface, and are available in six sizes ranging from 55 to 98 inches.

Founded in 2012, Clear Touch Interactive, Inc. is transforming interactive experiences by enabling educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises to interact differently. Clear Touch panels, related accessories and software are designed to not only meet the demands of today’s highly collaborative business and educational environments, but also to provide a truly immersive experience.

March 19, 2017

Clear Touch Team