Clear Touch Wins Bronze in Best in Biz Awards!


Best in Biz

Clear Touch wins award! The Best in Biz Awards committee has ranked us as a bronze winner in the category of “most innovative company of the year”. This is a tremendous honor and yet another acknowledgment of the hard work put in by our team. Innovation is a way of life for Clear Touch. We are constantly evolving and expanding our product catalog, always adapting to the needs of our market. This is something we take great pride in as we enter 2022 with a hunger to innovate more than ever. 

We have a laundry list of announcements for the coming year. Our excitement is through the roof as our team works tirelessly to prepare for the next step in our expansion. Awards like this are welcomed testimonies that back our product and company structure. This is an honor we will accept. Stay tuned for more updates, we are taking it to the MAX next year.


More about Clear Touch 

Clear Touch, headquartered in Greenville, SC, is a leading US global manufacturer of interactive touch panels and accessories as well as digital signage displays and solutions for education, government, and business. Clear Digital is our sister brand that specializes in digital signage solutions. For more information, visit our websites: and

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