Greenville, SC – Clear Touch Interactive®, an American-owned and operated company headquartered in South Carolina and a leading provider of multi-touch interactive flat panels, announced its new product, the 6000U Series, at the ISTE 2017 conference June 25 – 28 in San Antonio, Texas.

The new 6000U Series adds a new dimension to Clear Touch™ panels’ offerings, including added connection ports, a faster processor, and 20 points of touch. Along with a software package that requires no annual licensing fees, multiple screen sizes, and numerous accessories and mounts, the 6000U Series answers many of the challenges that educators face. The addition of Clear Touch Capital™, which offers financing packages for all products, offers payment options for schools and organizations of all sizes.

“The 6000U product is the best smart panel on the market, and the educational market is of true importance to us as a company,” said Keone Trask, president of Clear Touch Interactive®. “We hope that we’ve been able to provide these educators and thought leaders with a vision of what increased connectivity and availability can do for our classrooms.”

The launch at ISTE was designed to give educators a first look at the panel and it’s capabilities for the educational space. With a focus on things that matter most to teachers—like student engagement, interactivity, and integrated software packages—Clear Touch Interactive® 6000U Series offers a higher capacity of collaboration, learning and instruction to students of all ages.


Founded in 2012, Clear Touch Interactive®, Inc. is transforming interactive experiences for educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises. Clear Touch™ panels, related accessories and software provide a truly immersive experience with twenty simultaneous points of touch and rapid refresh rates, HD LED display technology that produces brilliant colors on an anti-glare, anti-friction tempered glass surface, and are available in six sizes ranging from 55 to 86 inches. For more information, visit


June 25, 2017

Clear Touch Team