Clear Touch ISTE 2019 Presenters

Clear Touch® will be hosting a rotating schedule of presenters at the Clear Touch booth at ISTE 2019. The presenters include a mix of Clear Touch® team members with experience in education as well as educators from various fields in education and technology research. To see the full schedule of speakers for ISTE please click here. 

Clear Touch 2019 ISTE Presenters

Tyler Renstrom – Clear Touch, Implementation Specialist: Tyler Renstrom has served in training and teaching roles for over 15 years. His desire to help others has led to a wide career that focuses on interacting with individuals who are motivated to learn and excel.

Tyler grew up in an education family full of teachers, aides, and a Dean at a major western university. Through the course of his years, he worked with these individuals on public speaking, effective teaching strategies, and accurate motivation. As part of this learning, Tyler was entrusted to run a local community theater, the Valley Center Playhouse, after years of directing, producing, and training actors until it’s final show at the end
of 2014.

Upon moving to the Dallas Metroplex in 2015, Tyler continued to pursue training as his primary form of helping others. Most recently he comes from Gabbart Communications, an education technology company that once again brought him full circle back into education. Tyler has worked with and trained thousands of teachers in schools all over Texas and the west coast. His desire to continue providing unparalleled service to the education community is what attracted him to Clear Touch to begin with. Since joining Clear Touch in 2019 as a Training Specialist, Tyler now will be working as an Implementation and Training Specialist and helping clients get the personalized touch and training they deserve. Always working to provide creative solutions to even the most complex problems, Tyler is an empathetic listener, a passionate technology buff, and someone who works to help others each and every day. His religious work with the youth and community efforts in the Boy Scouts have allowed him to continue teaching others the values of honor, integrity, and humility.

Presentation: Canvas

Snowflake Canvas is the premier tool for building out lessons for your classroom. Join us as we explore how to build a lesson within snowflake and the advantages it will bring to your classroom.


 Melissa Lohdi – Clear Touch, Implementation Specialist: I come to this career with 17 years of classroom experience, serving as department chair for 15 of those years and was named teacher of the year for 2011. I earned a Master’s in Education Media Design and Technology and have a passion for integrating technology in the classroom in ways that engage and excite students. With a focus on creative problem solving, I am able to work with educators to come up with innovative solutions for matching technology to teachers’ individual classroom needs. As an Implementation Specialist at Clear Touch Interactive, I conduct customized onsite training for clients. I also play an instrumental role in creating and maintaining instructional materials for the online academy as well as developing an instructional plan for delivering training that meets the needs of our clients and takes into account, best practices in the education sector.

Presentation: Snowflake

Creating Interactive Activities using Snowflake Lessons

This session will use Snowflake Lessons to access interactive activities from the Lessons Community and will show how to edit and create individualized activities.

Danielle Maclin – NUITEQ, Education Technology Specialist: Graduate of SUNY Potsdam with a Masters of Science in Teaching in 2007. While pursuing my degree I had the opportunity to participate in a “Navajo Cultural Exchange” course with one of my graduate professors- the three week course through the Navajo Reservation and South West ignited a greater love for travel. After graduating, I moved to Arizona to teach at Heritage Middle School for five years before returning to the “North Country” of New York- where I’ve been employed as a 6th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher for the last six years at Madrid-Waddington Central School. I am a certified BrainPop, Nearpod, and Google Level 1 Teacher and member of NYSCATE. I have been a member of the NUITEQ team since December, creating content as an Education Technology Specialist. I also am the Class of 2021 Co-Advisor and Stage Crew Manager for the spring musicals. I love to travel! I’ve driven cross-country on three separate trips and have been to every state in the continental US (except North Dakota). I’ve also solo traveled throughout Europe, experiencing a total of 17 beautiful countries. I enjoy time on the water kayaking and swimming, and have begun hiking the Adirondacks. After implementing a mini-genius hour schedule into my 8th grade class, I was inspired to learn how to knit and have successfully crafted one very unattractive potholder. 

Presentation: Snowflake Lessons Online

Making Learning Fun by Using Lessons Online

Creating engaging lessons is a challenge for many educators- not because of effort, but because of time. With Lessons Online by NUITEQ, lessons are easy to construct and provide for engaging content. Additionally, Lessons Online also provides thousands of standards aligned content already created by the global team of teachers. Learn more about Making Learning Fun though the interactive lessons on Lessons Online.



Ashley Martin – Azalea Ventures, Owner and Former Educator: Ashley Martin graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama with a degree in History. In 2001, she completed her Masters in History at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. For three years she worked as a museum curator in Mobile, Alabama at The Museum of Mobile and the Oakleigh House Museum. She also taught history at Eufaula High School and Wallace Community College in Eufaula, Alabama. She is married to West Martin and has a two-year-old son named Grant.

Presentation: Snowflake

My presentation, A Walk Through History, will show visitors how to create a Snowflake lesson using images, video, poling and multimedia lessons. 

The audience will learn what a Clear Touch panel can do! They will also learn how to create interactive lessons within Snowflake using images, video clips, and games that will constantly engage students throughout their lessons. Once the lesson is created, I will show educators how to save their lessons to the cloud. The end of the presentation will involve a question and answer portion along with an interactive activity. Creating new lessons do not have to overwhelm you and take hours to complete!

Edward Tse – NUITEQ, VP of Strategy and Content: Dr. Edward Tse is the Director of Strategy at NUITEQ®. Dr. Tse has over a decade of experience in Educational Technology, most of it at SMART Technologies, where he served as both External Research Program Manager and Project Research Leader. He holds over 50 Utility Patent filings and Academic Papers and was one of the primary inventors of the first multitouch table product for Education, the SMART Table. Dr. Tse is focused on advancing creativity through self-expression and social media and lives what he preaches by running a vlog and YouTube channel called Ed on Ed Tech.

Presentation: Snowflake

Improving YouTube in the Classroom

The way we learn has changed: YouTube (YT) gets over a billion views of Educational Videos a day. People go to YouTube to Learn. Yet there are challenges: 10 minute long videos to optimize watch time, pre-roll and mid-stream advertisements and sponsorships, inappropriate comments, and worst of all poor retention of watched videos due to the Fluency Illusion. We will discuss ways to get around these limitations and improve retention with retrieval practice. We will show hands on activities that help us remember videos and align them with curriculum standards.


Billy Jack – Clear Touch, Director of Implementation: Billy Jack began his teaching career as a Middle School Math teacher at a High Tech Middle School. After his students experienced incredible learning gains, he received a Teacher of the Year Award and began training teachers at his school and others on the weekends, district-wide. After a few years, he moved on to be an Educational Technology Specialist for one of the largest School Districts in the United States.

After a few years, he left the district and went to work for an Educational Technology Company delivering and creating Professional Development. Now he has worked for a few Ed Tech companies but has always been focused on how he could help teachers to increase student engagement and learning outcomes. Over the years, he has delivered thousands of PD sessions throughout the US. Billy Jack is looking forward to working with your staff to help them interact differently.

Presentation: Canvas, Snowflake

Cutting Edge of Technology

In this session, you will learn many of the benefits of being on the cutting edge of technology using the Clear Touch Products in your classroom. Billy Jack will demonstrate the benefits of using software built on a Natural User Interface. You will see how much easier and faster it is to drive your instruction using Nuiteq Snowflake.



Danny Brisson – Clear Touch, Implementation Manager: Danny worked for Motorola and Northern Telecom in a variety of roles. He spent 7 years in the School District of Palm Beach County where he started off as a technology coordinator and specialist. He then worked on a special program working with secondary teachers to create digital content and also spent 3 years teaching adult education.

Danny then became the lead international trainer for eInstruction and spent three years as a professional development specialist and regional education consultant. At Clear Touch, he has worked as a trainer and implementation manager. He assisted in creating Clear Touch academy training content.

Presentation: Canvas, Snowflake

There’s no place like Nodes

Attendees will see first hand how to have lessons created that can live and grow for them and their students. We will explore all the possibilities Nodes can bring into the classroom. Come join us at the Clear Touch booth and learn how you can Interact Differently!