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We’re excited to announce that we are hosting a rotating schedule of presenters at the Clear Touch booth at ISTE 2018. Clear Touch™ team members with experience in education will show participants how to integrate the Clear Touch panel into the classroom, how to use the panel for project lesson planning and assessment, how to get the most out of your educational software, and much more.

Clear Touch Round-Up 2018 ISTE Presenters

Monica Nelson: Monica has worked in education for over 28 years. She has taught 5th grade, elementary science, 8th grade math, Algebra, and Geometry. After 16 years in the classroom, she helped her district build their Tech Integration positions. 5 years later, she moved over to a technology position where she is the bridge between teachers and the technology department. Recently, she has been facilitating many aspects of the ClearTouch implementation her district is undertaking.

Presentation: Note

We will be using Note to create a Morning Opening/Calendar/Circle Time that many early childhood through kindergarten classes do everyday. We will demonstrate how to pull in calendar items, weather, lunch menu, pictures, etc to create the lesson.

The audience will walk away with an idea of how they can use Note to customize their own Morning Opening making it engaging and interactive for students.


Lauren Gray: Lauren Gray is a middle school librarian. Her school just got Clear Touch boards last year, and she continues to learn more about her board all the time. During unstructured times in the learning center, Clear Touch is a fantastic way for students to collaborate, create, and play. 

Presentation: Snowflake

I will present about using the ClearTouch board for gaming. In our Learning Center, we love our ClearTouch board for recess and indoor gaming. We use the Snowflake app to play arcade games, draw, and collaborate.

Audience members will walk away with knowledge about how to use ClearTouch for fun during unstructured times! ClearTouch is the perfect addition to indoor recess and “free” times in the school day. Let’s introduce our students to more tech during all times of the day!

Leann Wondra: I am proud to say I have worked in education for 31 years. I taught secondary mathematics before becoming the assistive technology consultant for USD 308. For the last three and a half years, I have been working in the technology department specializing in the student management system with an emphasis in the area of student services.

Presentation: Note

Co-presenting with Monica Nelson

Kim Heilenbach: Kim Heilenbach is the 4th-8th grade Computer Science teacher at Sunset Ridge School in Northfield, IL. She teaches classes such as Project Lead the Way- Design and Modeling, Coding, Robotics, and Entrepreneurship. Kim uses her Clear Touch board daily to create interactive and engaging lessons in her classroom. She has her M.Ed in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her B.S. in Middle Level Education from Illinois State University.

Presentation: Snowflake

This presentation includes how to access interactive activities on Snowflake, as well as basic functions in Snowflake that can be used to create lessons for any subject area!

Audience members will talk away with the knowledge of how to use different built-in activities on Snowflake to implement quick and fun Brain Breaks, as well as how to use the software to create interactive lessons in the classroom.

Ashley Martin: Ashley Martin graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama with a degree in History. In 2001, she completed her Masters in History at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. For three years she worked as a museum curator in Mobile, Alabama at The Museum of Mobile and the Oakleigh House Museum. She now teaches history at Eufaula High School and Wallace Community College in Eufaula, Alabama. She is married to West Martin and has a one year old son named Grant.

Presentation: Snowflake

My presentation, Truman to Reagan, an Interactive History of the Cold War, will show visitors how to create a Snowflake lesson using images, You Tube clips, interactive timelines, hands-on activities and games. History does not have to be boring. Technology does not have to be overwhelming. I use my Clear Touch panel everyday to bring history alive to my students.

The audience will learn what a Clear Touch panel can do! They will also learn how to create interactive lessons within Snowflake using images, video clips, and games that will constantly engage students throughout their lessons. Once the lesson is created, I will show educators how to save their lessons to the cloud. The end of the presentation will involve a question and answer portion along with an interactive activity. Creating new lessons do not have to overwhelm you and take hours to complete!

Edward Tse: Dr. Edward Tse is the Director of Strategy at NUITEQ®. Dr. Tse has over a decade of experience in Educational Technology, most of it at SMART Technologies, where he served as both External Research Program Manager and Project Research Leader. He holds over 50 Utility Patent filings and Academic Papers and was one of the primary inventors of the first multitouch table product for Education, the SMART Table. Dr. Tse is focused on advancing creativity through self-expression and social media and lives what he preaches by running a vlog and YouTube channel called Ed on Ed Tech.

Presentation: Snowflake

Engaging Students with Interactive Videos in Class

You need to fix something around the house. Where do you go for information? Increasingly video is being used for Just in Time learning coupled with hands on practice. There is a growing body of research that shows how embodied hands on practice and creative expression helps to bridge the gap between knowledge and skills. Learners are increasingly turning to YouTube for learning and many YouTube Creators capture millions of views for their educational videos. Learn how you can make take the most popular videos on YouTube and turn them into interactive lesson activities that will engage students and inspire creative and critical thinking.

Lynn Home: I have been an art teacher for grades 1-8 for over 20 years. I received my Masters in Educational Technology 10 years ago and have always enjoyed learning new ways to integrate tech into my art room. This year we received our ClearTouch Interactive panels I am already wondering how I taught without one! I am always finding new ways to use it as a teaching tool and getting my students to interact with the material I present. With the addition of Collage and the ability to share screens from all of the other devices in my room it has become so easy to collaborate and spontaneously share everything, with my students. I would say that having the ClearTouch in my classroom has been the most transformative teaching tool for me to date. Students love interacting with the ClearTouch and have become comfortable using it themselves. 

Presentation: Note

I use Note, the Chrome Browser and Collage on a regular basis. I often start my day by opening up the Browser right from my ClearTouch panel and setting up multiple tabs to access the materials I will need for my lessons. I can also share screens from any of my current devices (MacBook Pro, iPad, PC) using Collage. This allows me to be more spontaneous with my students when we are having discussions or exploring various art forms and need images and information that everyone can (quickly and) clearly see. I also have students interact with the information I am presenting, play art games together for brain breaks, and use the built in tools, like timers and stopwatch, throughout the day.

In my presentation the audience can see how I set up for an art lesson (such as an introduction to creating a ceramic whistle or presenting a multi-cultural lesson on the process of creating Batik Fabric) by setting up multiple tabs in my browser, switching over to EasiNote to demonstrate steps and write notes on top of webpages and documents. You will see just how easy it is to share information and lessons from any device from anywhere in your room.

Chuck Williams: Chuck got his start in technology in ’84 working for a software author that wrote an application development system it resold across the US and Canada.

He moved into education in the early ’90’s and has taught all grades except PK, 4th and 5th, giving him 20+ years of classroom experience. As a technology teacher in NC, he was one of 7 educators that developed and piloted the state’s original Computer Engineering Technology curriculum, eventually leading a two-week session where he, and others, trained teachers from across the state on how to teach and implement the program at their school.

He has also served two stints as a Technology Director, 4 years at DeSoto ISD near Dallas, TX, and 13 years at Indian Springs School near Birmingham, AL, where he was also on the teaching faculty. It was while at Indian Springs that he was introduced to Clear Touch Interactive, eventually buying 25 panels.

In addition to “teaching and teching” he also coached soccer and cross country.

Presentation: Snowflake

Debate Fundamentals using Snowflake Zones, a Tag Lesson and the Media App

Ever wonder what makes up an argument, how to analyze it and how to pick it apart? Attendees will learn everything they want to know about the Toulmin Model of Argument in a quick session that illustrates how to use Snowflake Zones to combine the power of the Lessons and Media Apps.

Danny Brisson: Danny started in technology while working for Northern Telecom making printed circuit boards. He then went to college and earned a degree in computer programming and systems analyst. Later he worked for Motorola in their paging division.

Danny started working in education in the early ‘2000’s as a Technology Coordinator and Specialist. He worked on several committees in Palm Beach County School District including the Smart Ambassadors and the District’s Technology Conference.

He became a certified technology teacher during this time. His experience includes working in both Middle Schools and High Schools. Part of his focus was to train teachers on implementing technology in their classrooms. Danny also taught adult education over 3 years. He then taught 7th and 8th graders 3D Computer Animation.

He then went to work for an Educational Technology Company delivering and creating Professional Development and as an independent consultant for schools and districts around Educational Technologies. Prior to joining the Clear Touch family, he was the lead Professional Development Associate for a web based student learning platform. During these years, he delivered over 600 PD sessions throughout the US and in several different countries. Danny worked with partners across the globe, helping teachers help their students to learn.

Presentation: Snowflake

There’s no place like Nodes

Attendees will see first hand how to have lessons created that can live and grow for them and their students. We will explore all the possibilities Nodes can bring into the classroom. Come join us at the Clear Touch booth and learn how you can Interact Differently!

Billy Jack: Billy Jack began his teaching career as a Middle School Math teacher at a High Tech Middle School. After his students experienced incredible learning gains, he received a Teacher of the Year Award and began training teachers at his school and others on the weekends, district-wide. After a few years, he moved on to be an Educational Technology Specialist for one of the largest School Districts in the United States.

After a few years, he left the district and went to work for an Educational Technology Company delivering and creating Professional Development. Now he has worked for a few Ed Tech companies but has always been focused on how he could help teachers to increase student engagement and learning outcomes. Over the years, he has delivered thousands of PD sessions throughout the US. Billy Jack is looking forward to working with your staff to help them interact differently.

Presentation: Canvas

Making a Splash on Canvas

In this session attendees will see first hand how they can quickly create interactive lessons within Snowflake Multi-Teach on the Clear Touch Interactive Panel. Together we will explore some new and innovative ways that Clear Touch and Nuiteq are finding creative methods to connect students with learning. Come join us at the Clear Touch booth and learn how you can Interact Differently!

Sarah Lowey: Sarah Lowey brings over 17 years of experience in education, technology, and training and professional development. Sarah earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA where she began her career as a Middle School Social Studies Teacher. She also has her M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology. During her career, she has served on various youth-advocate committees, and has also presented at several state and national education conferences, including ACE (Arizona Correctional Educators), ISTE, TCEA, FETC, and NYSCATE.

During her years as a Social Studies teacher, she taught students in middle school and high school, including non-traditional settings: jails, group homes, and alternative high schools. Sarah also worked for BOCES in New York as a technology integration specialist providing customized professional development workshops and in-class support on a variety of technologies to several school districts across Long Island.

Her years as the national Lead K-12 Implementation Specialist for eInstruction by Turning Technologies allowed her to work with some of the best educators across the country while at the same time sharpening her presentation and workshop development skills.

Presentation: Snowflake

Investigative Learning, PBL, & Student Collaboration!

In this session, participants will learn how to harness the power of the Clear Touch Interactive Display panel and Snowflake software to enable students to investigate, collaborate, and create in a 21st Century learning environment. Come join us at the Clear Touch booth and learn how you can Interact Differently!

June 19, 2018

Clear Touch Team

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