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We’re excited to announce that we are hosting a rotating schedule of presenters at the Clear Touch booth at ISTE 2017. Teachers, educational technology specialists, and other professionals will show participants how to integrate the Clear Touch panel into the classroom, how to use the panel for project-based learning and formative assessment, how to get the most out of your educational software, and much more. Check out our full lineup below and view the full schedule—we hope to see you there!

Clear Touch Round-Up 2017 ISTE Presenters

Dr. Edward Tse will give two presentations at ISTE 2017. Dr Tse has over a decade of experience in Educational Technology, most of it at SMART Technologies, where he served as both External Research Program Manager and Project Research Leader. Edward was one of the primary inventors of the first multi-touch table product for Education, the SMART Table. Currently, he works as the Director of Education Strategy for NUITEQ.

Making it Relevant—Telling a Story

In this presentation, Dr. Tse demonstrates how to make the best use of the devices that students already have at home. Discover how to use Lessons Online so that your students can take idle moments and turn them into opportunities for creativity and storytelling.

Simultaneous Personalized Learning

One size does not fit all in education, so MultiTeach® is designed to enable students to choose how they will personalize their own learning. Dr. Tse will show participants how to use Zones, which are crafted to enable a small group of learners to work with the apps and the content that best suits their learning style using either a vertical or tabletop display.

Billy Jack Garren’s career has been dedicated to helping teachers and students use educational technology to improve learning. He first worked in education as a middle school math teacher at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School and then transitioned into Ed Tech for the School District of Palm Beach County, where he supported 187 schools. He also served as the Director of Premier Accounts for eInstruction by Turning Technologies before joining the Clear Touch team as the Business Development Manager in North America. He plans to call upon his experiences as a teacher and an expert in educational technology for his ISTE 2017 presentations.

Formative Assessment

Good teachers know that there’s no need to wait until your entire class bombs a test to realize they are struggling with a concept. Asking questions along the way is a good habit to develop—and ensuring that all students in your class “get it” is important. In this session you will learn how to easily assess your students’ understanding using our DisplayNote software.

1-to-1 Instruction

Engaging all students in the instructional process is essential to a successful 1-to-1 classroom. Are you looking for a means to teach wirelessly and individualize student learning? Come join us in this session and learn how it is done.

Wendy Wells has spent the last 20 years creating systemic change by pioneering the way for mobile learning in K-20 education, the business arena, and governmental agencies. Wendy has taught, coached, and facilitated educators and administrative leaders on effective technology integration to improve teaching and student learning. She can often be found leading world-class professional development groups, networking with policy makers for educational change or consulting with edtech start-up companies to help create a “mind-shift” that transforms teaching and learning to an effective digital ecosystem.

Welcome to Clear Touch Academy! Learn how to become a certified Clear Touch EdTech Innovator & Earn Digital Badges for Proficiency, Productivity, & Personalized learning.

Follow our roadmap and collect digital badges along the way for EasiNote, EasiCapture, EasiConnect, DisplayNote, and Snowflake Game based Learning. Fasten your seatbelt because our pathway is engaging but attainable to earn all CT badges: Level 1-Proficiency, Level 2-Productivity, Level 3-Personalized Learning. Our courses in Clear Touch Academy will have you shifting into high-gear to finish the race as a Clear Touch EdTech Innovator!

Level up: Game-based Learning with Design Thinking and Snowflake MultiTeach®

Game-Based Learning takes place when students “level-up” their knowledge & interact with innovative content that ignites wonder! Join us to learn the secrets, tips, & tools behind Clear Touch Interactive, Snowflake MultiTeach® while incorporating the Design Thinking process.

Christine Petersen, a Chicago-land native, began her love for technology as an elementary school teacher working along Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast. She quickly realized the importance of incorporating 21st Century skills and tools within the classroom when she was given an interactive board as a first year teacher. Christine became the tech guru at her school and was often sought out to help students and teachers use this new technology. When her husband received surprise orders to Okinawa, Japan, Christine found a chance to share her passion for teaching and technology at an international primary school. Currently, Christine is back along the Florida coast inspiring teachers and students to embrace technology within the classrooms as the Digital Learning Specialist for Walton County School District—and she hopes to bring the same kind of encouragement to this year’s ISTE attendees.

Technology Integration for the Tech Resistant Teacher

Looking for a software solution that can inspire even the most technologically resistant user?  From handwriting recognition to next-level annotation tools, Clear Touch Interactive software provides effortless integration with a huge impact. Join Christine for this session to see all the ways we’re making Ed Tech easy.

Top Tools for the EdTech Specialist

Clear Touch Interactive software provides the top tools for the Edtech Specialist to maximize time spent navigating the ups and downs of technology integration. From tutorials to lesson support, take a look at how these software solutions can provide your site with professional, yet effortless solutions.

Lynn Marentette (M.A., Sp.A.) has an extensive background in education, technology, psychology, and counseling. Over the course of her public education career, she’s worked with all levels of students. Because of her passion for technology, Lynn returned to school at mid-life to take courses such as game design, interactive multimedia, educational technology, ubiquitous computing, and human-computer interaction. She has presented on topics such as multi-media learning, games, simulations, and virtual environments, differentiated instruction, collaborative learning, and interactive applications for prevention and intervention. She now works as a Digital Learning Specialist for NUITEQ.

Project-based Learning with Nodes

Bring more project-based learning into the classroom! In this session, Lynn will give examples of the Snowflake MultiTeach® Nodes app in order to demonstrate how concept-mapping can support collaborative project-based learning.

Multi-media learning and STEAM

Learn how to use educational technology to reach your course objectives. In this session, participants will learn how Snowflake MultiTeach® supports multimedia learning and STEAM projects.

Ashley Martin teaches history at Eufaula High School and Wallace Community College in Eufaula, Alabama. She has a B.A. from Samford University and a M.A. in History from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Ashley’s Southern heritage has proven instrumental in working with students of all ages over the past ten years. She has revolutionized her classrooms by staying up to date with all the technological trends, especially by implementing the Clear Touch panel.

Personalized Learning for Students

It is important to capture students’ interest and personalize their learning to facilitate true engagement. Join us to learn how we are using the Clear Touch panel and EasiNote to make this a reality in the classroom—without spending hours lesson planning.

Facilitating Remotely

21st century student learning and real-world teaching applications go hand-in-hand. Let us show you how to facilitate creative presentations using EasiConnect and EasiRemote that bring those ideas to the forefront in your classroom.

Gary McIntyre Gary has worked in the technology field for over 25 years most recently as the Director of Technology at Lorain County Joint Vocational School District (LCJVS). He has been very instrumental in transforming the vocational career center to one of the premier schools in Ohio. Gary’s vision for the future in audio visual technologies was to create an environment where teachers and students could collaborate using state-of-the-art interactive technology. His successful implementation of Clear Touch Panels revolutionized the learning experiences and created an excitement in the classroom never seen before in his county.

Why choose Clear Touch? A Tech Director’s Perspective!

21st century student learning and real-world teaching applications go hand-in-hand. Let us show you how to facilitate creative presentations using EasiConnect and EasiRemote that bring those ideas to the forefront in your classroom.

June 6, 2017

Clear Touch Team

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