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Greenville, SC – Clear Touch Interactive®, an American-owned and operated company headquartered in South Carolina, recently completed the development of their new Production & Training studios co-located within the company’s corporate offices. The enhanced video and collaborative training facilities include the launching of an aggressive filming and live demo schedule including new online live demos and webinars to deepen the Clear Touch experience with current and new customers, accelerate the learning curve of new users, and share ongoing innovation and features that improve business collaboration, student engagement and learning.

The new studios also allow the Clear Touch team to conduct live demos of their interactive panels, give group and 1-on-1 personalized training to existing clients, and create high-quality media to support the full line of Clear Touchproducts and accessories.

“We’ve heard from so many customers that live demos are a critical part of their decision process,” said Clear Touch Interactive® CEO Keone Trask. “With the new studio space, the Clear Touchstaff is able to quickly connect with interested shoppers through an easy-to-use scheduling process right on the Clear Touch Interactive® website to demonstrate all of the great features that set Clear Touch panels apart from the rest. The studio is spacious enough to show all of the different ways the displays can be mounted, from the traditional front-on view to the more interactive tabletop configuration.”

Clear Touchstaff members are also able to schedule webinars about a variety of topics to help current customers learn innovative ways to use their panels and refine their knowledge of the built-in features available to them. Working with the best and brightest in education and business, Clear Touchresearches the interesting and groundbreaking uses that customers are finding for their panels and works to share those methods with other customers, adding even more value to their investments.

“We developed this program from our 2018 goal of continually bettering our ongoing client support and development,” said Steve Gallant, Digital Sales Manager of Clear Touch™. “Most companies provide spec sheets and collateral, as we do. However, we’ve found that when it comes to interactive technology that can dramatically impact the classroom learning or business experience, differentiating between products really happens when customers get to see it first-hand during the decision process. We feel customers making decisions need a way to truly experience the potential and capacity to truly learn and we’re committed to that part of the education process of our product.We value the personal connections we make with people as we assist potential clients with questions about our panels and educate current clients about new interactive skills.”

Clear Touch Interactive® is excited about this new studio space and the opportunities it brings to support customers. This new space continues the trend of decisions by the company to grow further into the collaboration market among businesses and educators in new and exciting ways. Interested customers can schedule a live demo today on our website.


Founded in 2012, Clear Touch Interactive®, Inc. is transforming interactive experiences for educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises. Clear Touch™ panels, related accessories and software provide a truly immersive experience with twenty simultaneous points of touch and rapid refresh rates, HD LED display technology that produces brilliant colors on an anti-glare, anti-friction tempered glass surface, and are available in six sizes ranging from 55 to 86 inches. For more information, visit www.getcleartouch.com


March 22, 2018

Clear Touch Team

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