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How easy is it to integrate Clear Touch Interactive® displays into your existing conference room set-up? So easy. In addition to offering wireless connectivity and wireless screen sharing, Clear Touch™ has developed a number of features that help organizations upgrade their conference room presentation and collaboration solution without having to switch room control systems, invest in additional training or tech support, hire a network technician, or buy an additional system for larger conferences.

Our solution is not only easy. It’s cost-effective, too. Here’s why:

8 Ways Clear Touch™ Makes Conference Room Upgrades Simple and Affordable


Integrates With Existing Room Control Systems. Let’s say that you’re interested in upgrading to a wireless presentation solution such as Clear Touch Interactive® displays, but your office has already invested in a robust room control system such as Crestron or Extron. Maybe you’ve even spent extra to include desk control panels for your C-level employees. You don’t have to lose your initial investment or add a huge line item to your annual budget in order to upgrade your presentation system. With RS232 and LAN built directly into every panel, it’s easy to plug in, load Clear Touch software, and integrate our wireless solution with your existing room control system.

Supports a Mixed Environment. It’s a BYOD world—and Clear Touch fully supports the highest levels of flexibility and versatility. Our interactive panels can run 20 points of touch and wireless connectivity with Mac devices, which most of our competitors aren’t supporting yet. No need to buy a designated Apple TV to include your Mac users or pass converter cables around the conference room so different departments can collaborate. Tell your team members to come as they are. iPads, Android, Surface Pro laptops, Chromebooks. It makes no difference to us.  

Installs Easily. If you’re like most companies, your conference room has wires running through the walls to connect phone conferencing systems, servers, and other networked solutions. Perhaps the idea of adding one more component to your network gives you a headache. Since our panels feature out-of-the-box wireless functionality that operates on any network or no network at all, you won’t need a network technician to upgrade your presentation system to Clear Touch. You also won’t have to cut into existing drywall (trying to avoid all that wiring!) in order to add reinforcement to your metal studs. Our adjustable wall mounts and adjustable mobile stands can easily handle our devices with no reinforcement—while giving you the option to adapt the height of your panel to the environment.

Runs Any Video Conferencing Program. Every Clear Touch Interactive® display arrives with a comprehensive suite of business software built-in. But, if your organization is accustomed to another program, we support that, too. Our devices are platform, device, and software agnostic, so go ahead and launch Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Drive or whatever video conferencing or collaboration programs you prefer. Choose our optional Panacast® camera as an add-on for an even better video conferencing experience.

Allows Users to Output, Creating a Scalable Solution. Unlike most of our competitors, our interactive panels all include an HDMI output. What this means for your corporation is that you won’t have to buy a separate solution for large meetings or presentations. The HDMI output allows users to tie into a second panel or a projector, making our solution expandable for large groups. Standardize your software and user experience in bigger rooms by outputting from your panel rather than asking your team to learn a different system—whatever you’re presenting on the main panel can show up wirelessly on multiple panels and screens throughout your company.

Provides Consistent User Experience. The way our panels interact, and the way users interact with our panels, doesn’t change, no matter what size you choose. Our user interface is the same on the 55” all the way up to the 86”—which is not true for many of our competitors who use different manufacturers for different sized panels. This consistent user experience means that corporations can count on the small panel in their huddle space operating exactly the same as the one in the boardroom on the 12th floor. Your team members won’t have to do extra training for different sized panels, and they can easily use cloud storage, QR codes, or jump drives to take notes with them after a meeting or transfer information between panels without any loss of data.

Helps Users Put Their Best Face Forward. You worry about your presentation—Clear Touch has your back. With our wireless presentation software, you and your team members can control what’s on the display from your connected devices, whether you’re using tablets, phones, or laptops. Connect up to 4 devices simultaneously without any special installation, wiring, or hardware devices. You’ll never have to turn your back on your audience to flip slides, advance the presentation, or do anything else on the panel.

Enables Remote Management. Want to feel like you’ve got it all under control? Clear Touch allows users to manage all displays remotely. Send messages to all screens, some screens, one screen, or any combination with our remote management software. Run an organization-wide presentation or training video from the comfort of your office. Your IT department can also obtain usage reports remotely so they can see what’s going on inside the panel, cutting down on technician site visits—and saving time and money for large, multi-location corporations with a distributed workforce.

These are just a few of the ways Clear Touch makes our panels easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate with your existing conference room technology.


If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a wireless presentation and collaboration system but have been worried that the logistics will create too much of a burden on your corporate budget—give Clear Touch a call. We’ll show you just how easy and cost-effective upgrading can be.

January 29, 2018

Clear Touch Team

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