We’re excited to announce that we are hosting a rotating schedule of presenters at the Clear Touch booth at FETC 2018. Clear Touch™ team members with experience in education will show participants how to integrate the Clear Touch panel into the classroom, how to use the panel for project lesson planning and assessment, how to get the most out of your educational software, and much more.

Clear Touch Round-Up 2018 FETC Presenters

Chuck Williams: Former teacher and technology director, currently Clear Touch™ Business Development

Flip the Lesson with EasiCapture

Attendees will see just how easy it is to “Flip Their Class”. Using the EasiCapture screen recording / editing software to record a simple lesson, attendees will see how to create meaningful and lasting content using the Clear Touch panel and the EasiSuite software.

Whiteboarding in EasiNote

Attendees will experience the ease of use along with the length of reach of the EasiNote whiteboard App. Go beyond simple note taking and explore the ability to pull in information from a variety of locations, manipulate it, annotate over it, and saving it for future use giving one the ability to publish to classroom websites and make available to students, parents, and colleagues.

ClearTouch Collage

Attendees will see how they can incorporate student devices into their lessons using Clear Touch Interactive’s Screen Share Pro.

Debate Fundamentals using Snowflake Zones, a Tag Lesson and the Media App

Ever wonder what makes up an argument, how to analyze it and how to pick it apart? Attendees will learn everything they want to know about the Toulmin Model of Argument in a quick session that illustrates how to use Snowflake Zones to combine the power of the Lessons and Media Apps.

Billy Jack Garren’s: Former teacher, technology specialist, professional developer and Currently Clear Touch™ Director of Business Development 

Making a Splash on Canvas

In this session attendees will see first hand how they can quickly create interactive lessons within Snowflake Multi-Teach on the Clear Touch Interactive Panel. Together we will explore some new and innovative ways how Clear Touch and Nuiteq are finding creative methods to connect students with learning. Come join us at the Clear Touch booth and learn how you can Interact Differently!

Danny Brisson: Former teacher, technology specialist and coordinator, professional developer and currently at Clear Touch™ in Business Development

There’s no place like Nodes -Nouns and There’s no place like Nodes -Revolutionary War

Attendees will see first hand how to have lessons created that can live and grow for them and their students. We will explore all the possibilities Nodes can bring into the classroom. Come join us at the Clear Touch booth and learn how you can Interact Differently!


January 19, 2018

Clear Touch Team